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April 12 2005

Sony and Ghost House Pictures signed up for 'Grudge 2'. They've signed a two-picture distribution deal to release "The Grudge 2" as well as the English-language debut film from the Pang brothers. Sarah has not yet committed to the sequel.

The link isn't working for me. I wanted to see if there's any mention of SMG appearing in Grudge 2.
ZM, "Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in the first film, has not yet committed to the sequel."

I saw in some other place that they wanted the sequel to be as cheap as the first one so I guess, negotiations in progress sums it up.

More concerned about the lack of progress on Southland Tales was looking forward to this one, hope they can get their act together and finally start filming.

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Dunno what's up with the Hollywood Reporter, presumably half of LA have woken up and logged onto it at the same time so I've changed the link to the Dark Horizons site.
i hope SMG is in the new one. im going to start praying right now.
I hope Sarah ISN'T in the second one cause that's just wrong for the "Grudgeverse". It's like all of a sudden introdusing a male slayer into slayerverse or a having it turn out that Book is a Klingon. It's all wrong for the universe. The point behind the Grudge is that it's inescapable, everybody that's cursed will die. It's that simple... And if Sarah returned it would contradict that rule which would be totally wrong. There's only one way I would accept her return and that would be if she took over the Kayako role. But that on the other hand would just make The Grudge purists infurious so I guess that's not a good idea either.
It'd be kind of fun for her to play a completely different character with no indication that there was any connection between that character and SMG's character in the first one. That way you get SMG, you're faithful to the Grudgeverse, and you get a bemused smile when you think about the intertext (or would it be interfilm?).
In an 'Entertaining Weekly' magazine interview made several months ago, SMG said she was willing to do a sequel. But, I no longer think that will happen. Considering how 'The Grudge' ended and Sarah's movie committments, I'm thinking the sequel will have a different lead actress.
SMG could play Karen in flashbacks, or a ghost. If she were to play a new character, she could always be brunette. Of course, I'd rather not see that happen. I'm not worried though. It's more likely that she won't be in the sequel at all.
Interesting thought, electricspacegirl. But I agree, I don't think it will happen either.

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I think maybe if SMG is in the second will be quick and in the beginning of the movie...showing what happens to Karen...etc...kind of just finishing off the scene from the end of grude 1.
Iīm agree with you, Djungelurban.
Thatīs the reason because i think The Grudge doesnīt need a sequel, and no with Karen, of course.
Make that 'Entertainment Weekly'. My spelling has been so bad as of late. Sorry.
Well actually, I'm all for a sequel. My favorite one japanese Ju-on movie is actually the latest one, "Ju-On 2 - The Grudge". So I'm not against the concept of a The Grudge sequel, just a The Grudge sequel with Sarah. She really should move on.
she did good in the first one, so i dont see why she should move on. hopefully for me, she wont. either way, i will be seeing the movie:)
She did do good in the first one. But I'm greedy. I want to see her push herself, and I want others to appreciate that she is really a very fine actress, and the best way to do that would be for her to star in a well-written drama/comedy (preferably with quirks).

And if the Grudge has secured at least a little higher profile and a smidge more name-recognition, then now might be the time to exploit that by getting involved with a broader range of projects. Such as she's doing with Southland Tales (fingers crossed). Now, something by Kaufman or Payne would fit the bill perfectly . . .
Southland Tales seems to be stuck in pre-production at moment, with suggestions that financial deals and other negotiations are still not finalised. There are some indications that SMG is not "definitely" signed-up to the film.

I don't know why, but the longer it drags on the more I start to wonder just how good the film is going to be. If it is getting caught up in external 'problems' causing the start of production to be delayed might these seep into the film itself? I do hope this isn't the case because it sounds really interesting and 'Donnie Darko' was a wonderful film.

To get back on topic, I have no strong opinions about Gellar appearing or not appearing in 'The Grudge 2'. The way I see it, if she wants to do it she should do it and if she doesn't want to do it she shouldn't. I am sure there are all sorts of considerartions that will be a factor during negotiations and these do not necessarily have anything to do with artistic matters or remaining faithful to the 'Grudgeverse' (is there such a thing?)
As far as I know Southland Tales is still committed to a August start for filming and Kevin Smith ,the other day,said he was asked to keep 2 or 3 days clear in August for his role

The problem it seems to have at the moment seems to relate to making various details public

Maybe they will impact the filming date but at the moment they don't seem to be doing that
Oh no!! Sarha must be in Southland Tales. It will be a great movie = more prestige.

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