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April 12 2005

Peter David at I-Con. The writer of the new Spike comic got to meet Jewel Staite and won a chance to be in a fantasy novel written by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson. Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of the Serenity novelisation, was at I-Con as well. Click here to read his report.

Just for the record, Peter didn't "get to meet" Jewel Staite -- he's known Jewel for ten years, going back to when Jewel was on the TV show SPACE CASES, which Peter cocreated.

(Of course, I posted an I-Con trip report, too, but does anyone post about it? Noooooooooooo.....)
krad - not sure who did that (Simon? Caroline? Herb?) but how about that for service - your I-Con report is now linked! See, we do care!
Since it was edited by killinj, I assumed he did it himself. Either way I've read both reports and as usual Jewel comes off sounding delightful :)
Yes, I added the link. Also, for the record, I'm a she. :)
Oops, sorry about that. It never occurs to me to check such things, though I'm not sure how I would've in any case - will try and remember in the future :)
I'm grateful, truly, and I don't want this to sound as whiny as it does, for which I apologize, but "See Krad's I-Con report too" isn't very descriptive.....
krad: didn't have time to read your I-Con report but I pulled a copy to scan later. However, I'm pleased to bring you the following preliminary report:

krad's I-Con report was awesome! All those great people! All those great panels! What is the world coming to? How did they ever squeeze so much greatness into one event? How? HOW??!?

I'll be back later to edit if my preliminary report is in any way misleading.
*falls over laughing*

Thanks, brownishcoat. It's much appreciated.
No good deed goes unpunished. *sigh*
killinj: I'm sorry, truly, and I did come across as churlish there, for which I apologize profusely. I really don't want to come across as the egotistical author, but I also felt like I got short shrift, since I have as much current connection to projects under Whedonesque's purview as Peter does, so it's kind of frustrating to see his I-Con report get the big attention and mine be relegated to an also-ran.

But you did post it and add the addendum, and I really am grateful for it, and I'm sorry for coming across like such an ass. *sigh*
Sorry, I wasn't aware of you at all until I saw your post. I only noticed Peter David I-Con report because I was looking for more information about the Spike comic. Keep in mind, the way it works around here is fans find a story and they post it. From what I've seen, Con reports are kept in the same thread, rather than starting a new one. So, I tried to follow what I thought was the proper protocol around here. It wasn't intended as a slight.
What killinj said, we tend to bung all that con reports together. Saves space on the main page. However, I'll slightly edit killinj subject line and hopefully this will be the end of it.
krad report update (as promised)

Preliminary report stands.

BTW - Andy Pettitte graduated from my high school, 3 years after me.

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killinj: no problem, and no need for you to apologize. I was the one acting like a jerk.

Susan: thank you. I will now go into my corner and stay quiet.

(Actually, I just got the page proofs for Serenity, so I'll be in my bunk -- proofreading.... *grin*)
Susan? Hmmmmm. Anyhow, enjoy the page proofs :). I look forward to reading your Serenity novel.

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