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April 13 2005

'Calling' It As An 'A' For Effort. Scott Nance at Syfy Portal looks back at Tru Calling and describes it as "something of the red-headed stepchild of the "greater Whedonverse"". So with hindsight, was it better than most people thought?

Naah, but it was *getting* better than most people thought!
No, even after hindsight!

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I remember one reasonably well-constructed episode which began with a robbery at an atm and built up through a number of twists. Other than that, no :(
Okay let's put it this way, pick one for your timeslot - "Tru Calling" or "Point Pleasant"? For me, it's Tru. Very tired and very bored of all these "mythology in christinanity" shows - but get ready as there is a slew of new ones coming soon. You'll look back fondly on Tru after that...
Tru Calling season one, wasn't bad, Tru Calling season two, was really quite good, just a shame it took a nearly a whole season to become a really good show rather than a not bad one. Can't help but feel the show would have been better if Jack had been in it from day one.
...and if Jane had been onboard from the get go.
Yes, Jane E's episode last week was several steps above the average Truth. But as everyone knows, "Of all the words of tongue and pen, / The saddest are these: 'It might have been'"
I'm still enjoying the show, but c'mon. How can Tru be face to face with Jack and not get physical, or at least attempt to slap him or punch him or tie him up and keep him occupied when she's having a "rewind" day? Eliza was meant for more physical contact roles I believe.
"Eliza was meant for more physical contact roles I believe"

Like Faith!
I have got to be the only one who thought the show went downhill once Jack arrived.

I thought the first season was far superior to what we have seen of the second, and Jane's episode did not impress me - especially considering I've come to expect so much more from her.
You aren't the only one, Daromaius.

I've been very disappointed with Season 2. Maybe expectations are much higher with Jane on the writing staff. I just cannot stand Jack or Jason Priestley. There are still far too many problems with the premise that make me want to throw things at the tv.

Tru not beating the crap out of Jack is a good example. He's killing people! And as Jeff Bell said, Eliza's good at the physical.
I certainly want Jack and Tru to get physical, but, a totally different kind of physical. I may not get my wish, but tomorrow night, it looks like Jack will be conflicted about his work, just as I requested.
I think the acting was often very good , and that the letdown was the material they were given to work with. I liked Eliza playing someone not so very much like Faith, someone who was the responsible one of the family, for example. At any rate, I have enjoyed "Tru Calling" and was sorry to see it end.

This is only related in the sense that another new genre show is premiering tonight, and anyone curious to see if it's doomed? Because only several million tune in? Revelations comes on NBC tonight at 9:00 Eastern time. Takes a real science vs. relgion POV as the end of days nears, or something like that. I'm iffy because it's NBC, but I admit to often preferring NBC shows over other networks. And I didn't get into Medium like I wanted to. Or Tru. *sniff* Wanted to very much. And Bill Pullman alone should be pretty darn good. Check it out.
Ghost Spike, I totally agree on the Jack thing. I started watching TC from the beginning, then stopped after a couple of eps because I couldn't take the repetitive boringness anymore. But I tuned back in again when Jason Priestley joined the cast. And it's not that I'm a JP fan or anything either--I just think Jack is such a great character opposite Tru's.

If only we had gotten more season 2-type eps in the first season, I wonder how it could have gone for the show...well, it probably would have been cancelled anyway, knowing Fox.

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Clearly, you are all being brainwashed by the evil Jason Priestley. Evil, evil, evil. And not just because he plays it on TV.

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