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April 13 2005

For all you girls who would love to have Spike's arms around you: This would make a great conversation piece for any household.

I love Spike - but thats just plain creepy!
Oh. My. God.

*Laughs hysterically.. and puts in a bid*

ROTFLMFAO. (Seriously. Can't stop. Someone tie me up and confiscate my eBay password immediately.)
OMG. That's horrible. I think my friends and family would disown me if I bought these and displayed them in the living room.
I promise to use these wisely if I win them... *Mwahahahaaaa!* ;D
I think it would be a fast way to get rid of a pesky salesman. Of course, shortly after, you might receive a visit from your local police department.

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Urk! Just not I think! Urk!
...I was not prepared.

yewwwwwwwwwwww-Have won cool Angel stuff on Ebay -But here I draw the line!
lol, that is pretty grim and therefore pretty cool
I wonder how much those cost to make ?

They would be quite a conversation piece, but I don't think I'll bid !!!!!!

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Dayum those look real!
Now there's a documentary I would like to have seen on the DVDs (how they were made).
The collars from Over the Rainbow (Season 2 Finale) that Cordelia and Fred wore are also up for auction. Funny how the collars look like an ordinary towel rack for a bathroom, when they're not being worn. LOL
Hmm something more affordable and way in time for Halloween:

Why do people buy plain clothes from the set?
Sorry to ruin everyone's breakfast.

Speaking of ebay items, I notice that Spike's crush jacket did well:

link here

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I think this is way creepy, and I totally want them.
Is it just me..or does it look like Spike chews on his fingernails?
I wonder if the fingerprints are accurate? Anyone planning a crime simply take one of these and leave James Marsters fingerprints at the crime scene!

Curses! Foiled again!
They would be great for Halloween. Sorry, but the demon mask is just not as cool.

It's funny, but the fingernails and other bits creep me out more than the bloody stumps.
Eddy, this is from the description given:

The hands show signs of use and have slight damage to some of the fingers from production.

So I don't think Spike chewed on his finger nails or had a squished finger, the "hands" just got a bit damaged with use.
Do you think they were cast from life? (Or unlife, I suppose). I know that JM has rather long and elegant fingers (and in fact does bite his nails). Now I'm even creeping myself out for thinking this far...
But what kinds of conversation are these pieces supposed to inspire?
why just girls?
Sorry, how rude of me. I admit, I was thinking of myself. BOYS AND GIRLS...

We were talking about this on LJ and thought one might make a nice towel bar.

[ edited by twiggy on 2005-04-14 03:02 ]
TaraLivesOn - I have in the past bid on screen-worn clothes from movies (and from Angel, too). It's the having something that one of your favorite actors wore on one of your favorite episodes that makes us bid, I think. I'm having my Wesley-shirt that I won mounted for me, and I'm putting it on the wall in my computer room. I love memorabilia like that.

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