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April 13 2005

Meet a real life Whedonesqueteer. Since have started charging groups to pay for the service, Whedonesque gatherings are now posted to (which is free, and promises to stay free.) is created by Andy Baio of, home of very. good. linksTM.

Awww Caroline you just made my day!
I received the email from last night, about the new group fees, and was worried about what I was going to do about this. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Thanks, Caroline!

For those who don't know, there is a flickr discussion thread about these groups, so if you're interested, join us there.

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thank you! I have not the words for how miffed I am about the new fees... grr! arg!

most likely I'll just be using my yahoo gorup from now on, but good to know there are alternatives.
I live in such a po'dunk place that there weren't any people in the Buffy meetup groups in my town, so I doubt there's any other Whedonesquers here.
Just added a meetup! Very cool, Caroline. Thanks!
Portland Oregon is now represented!
Bergen county, New Jersey is now represented as well! Thanks for the post, Caroline.
I added a meeting in Closter, NJ. I hope people join me. I don't know of any Whedonesquers nearby.
C'mon...come out of hiding!
I would love to start a N Florida/Tallahassee group (even S Alabama or S GA too), but I honestly cannot find out how to start one on the site??? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Whedon peoples need more outlets.
April, join the site, then add a metro (if yours isn't there), then add a venue (or use one that is already there), pick a date and time, describe the meeting and add tags to it (whedon, buffy, angel, etc.). That's it. Good luck!
I also wanted to suggest putting an ad in your local paper. My town has a weekly paper called Willamette Week, and they have a groups & friends section in the back of the personals ads. It's free to place an ad under 30 words. I'm thinking of doing that this week.
Good idea, electricspacegirl!
I'll do the same. We have a weekly local paper as well.
Personally, I'm just happy that I have found out I am a Whedonesqueteer. Do we get ears?
I attended meetups for Firefly/Serenity and for Buffy/Angel but they have moved over to yahoo groups.
Personally, I'm just happy that I have found out I am a Whedonesqueteer. Do we get ears?

No, we get fangs!
Well, catalyst2 and I will be doing a few meet ups over the next few months! Go the Aussie Joss Fans!
Cool. I'll be sure to hit it up just before San Diego ComiCon. Anyone else attending?
I would love to start a N Florida/Tallahassee group.

Wait - there's actually a Whedonesquer near Tallahassee? *thud*
No New Jersey Whedonesquers? Gosh darn it!
How come no one from Toronto is posting? Are we all still thawing out after the long winter?
I just posted one for Houston. I hope I get some takers!

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