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April 13 2005

New Shots of the next Angel Figures. Diamond Select has the latest pics of Season 5 Angel (very good likeness), Season 3 Fred (vague passing resemblance) and last but not least Illyria (not too bad actually).

I like the Illyria one and the Angel one looks like DB but a lot older. The Fred one doesn't look anything like her. Really nice job on the Illyria one though.
I think they look great. I also think Fred does look like's just an odd expression on her face. I think they were trying to capture her earlier quirky side. Illyria looks really good though. I only wish she were bare foot instead of having those nurse shoes on.
The Illyria one looks good, I wish they did her actual normal dress though... those points of articulation are painful however
Wow, good This site will probably inspire me to buy as many action figures as I have comic books.

They are nurse shoes, aren't they? :)
The hair's a bit to straight and neat on the Illyria figure to resemble how she looked in "Shells". It looks more like how Amy Acker looked once she started using a wig instead of the wash-out dye, only more blue. While it's kinda cool that they go for episode-specific themes for the figures sometimes, and I realize those're the clothes Fred died in, I would've rather had Illyria's regular outfit. She wore that in "Shells" too. Or have they already made an Illyria figure in her leathery, otherworldly catsuit?

The Fred figure just needs glasses to be right.

Angel figure looks way too old. And I often have this same problem with most male action figures--the arms don't seem big enough. Or the shoulders aren't broad enough or something. They don't look in proportion with the torso they've given Angel. I know David Boreanaz wasn't super-huge in the arms, but the ones on this figure look too slim or something.

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Can't say I like the Angel much. He does look too old.And Fred, well, I wouldn't have known it was her.But Illyria is excellent - except for the Fred clothes.Hope that changes.
The Angel figure has a very odd expression...

This is "Shells" Illyria - presumably we'll be getting a "standard" Illyria as well.
I think they all have pretty good face sculpts. Angel's ears look weird, though. Isn't that Fred from the episode with the gelatinous creature that sucked out all her moisture? I remember that outfit.

And I agree with ya'll about the shoes. Fix them now please. Can't wait to see the Illyria in her own outfit.
I don't like any of them, and I'm real disappointed in the way Illyria's turned out. Here's hoping for a better next try.
Definitely disappointed in them.Then again, the only Buffy/Angel figure I've ever though actually looked decent was the Reunion Darla one.

They're definitely no Marvel Legends figures. Maybe a new sculptor is needed. A Japanese company--they almost always do awesome figures.
I had figured they'd go with Angel's longer, slicked-back 'do from the early part of the season, just because it was so distinctively S5. Instead we get it short and razored off above the ears. Huh. I'm also a little (okay, very) surprised about the outfit. A suit coat of some kind and a subtler shirt would have gone a long way to making him look more W&H-exec appropriate, at least for me. From what I remember, Angel wore a lot of solid colors even after he fancied up his wardrobe, and the shadow stripe shirt the painters probably modeled their design from was nowhere near this prison-stripey. Maybe Lorne picked it out for him? ;)

Considering the other two, Illyria is great ... from the neck up. I'm thinking I'll wait for the full-body transformation version.
And the Fred one is kinda cute, though I wonder why the shape of her face is so different from the Illyria one (I do miss her glasses, too). And the shoes! I have to agree they're horrific, though in spite of the color I'm picking up more of a geriatric vibe... That said, the offense of criminally unstylish footware is nothing compared to the distraction of her gigantic, knobby bare elbows.

Isn't it strange how toymakers can create, say, a plastic monster with 978,000 small, removable parts that fit seamlessly together (until they fall off and get lost in the carpet, where you then step on them in your bare feet), and yet they can't figure out how to make a plastic action figure's joints be realistically shaped and proportioned? 'Splain me that one.
I'm not buying until I get a Smiletime Angel
The Angel one to me doesn't look at all like DB :( A suit jacket instead of the stripy shirt would have been far better). Which is a shame because the head on 12" Angel Action figure is spot on.

Fred is not so bad, and Illyria's head is good (blue was more ultramarine than that?) but I wan't to see her in her own suit. It's not quite the same to see the 'God' in a tee and skirt??
About the action figures joints. I read a news brief several months ago that a major manufacturer was going to redesign their action figure joints due to complaints of them falling apart. The article didn't mention the name of the manufacturer, but recent results speak for themselves.

With that said, I wish to add that I feel the joint change was completely unnecessary. I own many of these action figures and I never had one fall apart on me. Then again, I never tried to force a figure into a pose past its limits or allow a child to bang a figure on the coffee table 20 times. Yep, it's that old 'responsibility vs common sense' rule. Be careful what you complain of, you might just get it.
Action figures are a lot more resilient that you would think. Back when I was a wee nipper, I'd put my Han Solo action figure in a mug, fill it with water and put the mug in the freezer. I liked to pretend I was doing the carbonisation thingy from Empire Strikes Back. Did Han no damage at all.
Simon: Did Han have a difficult time with the hibernation sickness when he thawed?
LOL, Simon! Those late 70's figures were pretty tough.

psss...someone remind me to hide my buffy collection when Simon's in town ;)
And, on the other hand, I recently tried to slip the mini backpack over the arms of my newly-acquired 6" Willow from BtVS S1 and, oops, her forearm broke off. I guess that's "forcing a figure into a pose past its limits." Or possibly wrongly "allowing a child" to play (said child being me). Including a tempting backpag accessory that doesn't actually fit the figure is just wrong . . .
I guess they were assuming Willow would just carry her bag on one shoulder, SNT? (Never mind the reality that book nerds are often as heavily loaded down with books as a pack mule and need that double-backstrap support).

A few years back my S1 Angel's right arm broke at the elbow when I accidentally dropped him while trying to position his sword, so I'd say these jointed action figures are a bit more delicate than they used to be. The arm was able to be reattached by some diligent manipulation, and can still hold the sword, but it won't bear any jarring. I've considered gluing it in place, but then I'd lose the full range of positions that are possible and I hate the idea of limiting the figure's posability. Oh well.

The ST:TOS figures I played with in the '70s used to get up to some pretty healthy hijinks, and nary a limb was ever lost -- just their tricorders, phasers and communicators...
I used to have my Barbies join the army (what can I say, my brother had GI Joes) and I'd make a zip wire down my stairs and send them down it!!

I collect the Sideshow figures and my daughter's GD Buffy's legs fell off! Now, she claims she isn't rough with them but one day she had her Spike figure and I hear her saying in a Spike accent, "Look how flexible I am!" and I look to see Spike with both his feet up behind his ears!" So I kind of have my doubts that she wasn't doing something equally bizarre with Buffy and that's why her legs fell off!
The DST figures are pretty sturdy, to get them to come apart you have to smack their smaller joints pretty hard... or boil them to soften the plastic.

I know this because it's the standard way of swapping part for custom figures, as seen in BTVSFigs.

Yes, that's why...
I actually think the Angel one looks remarkably like Season 5 Angel.
But lets face it, he's no season 2 Angel.

Illyria looks great but I will hold out for the right costume.
Fred just looks kind of weird to me but they are all better than any of the Faith dolls. Sheesh.

And you guys are cracking me up with the stories like the Han Solo in the freezer. That's adorable!

And to think I feel silly for merely posing all my Spikes all over the house. And buying Drusilla to keep him company.

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