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April 13 2005

Happy birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar. She celebrates her 28th birthday today.

And I can now legally buy alcohol. Yay.

Many happy returns!
This is one I have to mark: happy birthday Sarah!

Twenty-eight - egads. Seems like she's lived a couple of lifetimes already . . .
Having watched Sarah on TV since before Buffy, I really feel privileged to have watched her grow and her career blossom. She's incredibly talented and deserving of all her success.

Happy Birthday girl!
Happy birthday Buffy! I mean, Sarah. Ahem.
Wow! She's the same age as me. Thought she was a little younger. Weird.

Well, happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Sarah. Only two more years before the big three-zero, then you'll be starting to feel the way i am going to be this coming August. Where do three decades go? ;)
Well, I just hope her birthday's nothing like a typical Buffy birthday. :)

Happy Birthday, Sarah. (And to Amy too)
After reading NickSeng's post i thought for a second it was also the lovely Miss Acker's birthday. Then (once i'd stopped being an idiot) i noticed the rest of what Amy Lee had posted at the top.

Happy birthday to you too, Amy! Enjoy the legal buying of alcohol. :)
Happy Birthday!
It seems like just yesterday when I first started watching her on All My Children. Then watched her grow up on Buffy. Happy Birthday to a wonderful actress.

Happy Birthday as well to Amy! Drink one for me.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, they're much appreciated :)
Happy Birthday and best of wishes, Sarah.

And it amazes me to realize, for an actress so young, she now has 24 years of acting under her belt. Hope for many more.

Happy Birthday, Amy. Go easy on that hard stuff :)
Happy Birthday, Sarah! Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave to us on Buffy. Hopefully someday you will get to revisit the role! Watcher - I'm right there with ya, the big three-0 in June. Amy - Happy Birthday too!
Happy Birthday Sarah - ever since I first saw you on AMC you have amazed me with your talent. I can't wait to see what you do in the future
Oooh nearly 30.. lucky thing. That's when the fun starts. ;D

Happy Birthday to Sarah. (And Amy.)
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Amy - you, Sarah, and I share a birthday.

And I, too, am now allowed to order a drink in a bar.
Happy birthday Sarah!
28 and still looking sexy. I swear even as she gets older, she still looks the same. Keep up the good work Sarah!
Happy Birthday to both Faith21 and Amy! Don't drink too much even though it's now legal!!

And Happy Birthday to Sarah too! I also first saw you on AMC and thought you were great then but boy, you were even better as Buffy! Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

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And happy birthday to my daughter Chloe! (She's 2) ... Wow, my daughter's birthday is the same as Sarah's and mine is the same as Emma's. Too bad my son Xander doesn't have any Buffy connection.....
Too bad my son Xander doesn't have any Buffy connection

Except being names after one of the characters, you mean. :) Happy Birthday Chloe, and a belated one to you too.

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