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April 15 2005

(SPOILER) Trailer for next week's Veronica Mars featuring Alyson Hannigan. Though why UPN are using a Buffy season 2 promo pic of Willow on their front page to promote next week's episode is anyone's guess.

umm ... because they are too lazy to bother?
I hope her appearance is more interesting this time. It seemed like they just slotted her into the episode because of her 'star' status, rather than actually being interesting to the story. I think Alyson felt it too because her performance was rather wooden, which is very uncharacteristic of her.

btw, absolutely loving this show still - there were some great "oh my gawd" moments in the last episode. They definitely know how to move a plot along.

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I was actually glad that Aly's appearance last time was more low key. I felt that her appearance served its purpose and was not glitzy or showy. Not that I would've hated seeing her more :P
Agreed, zeitgeist. I think it says more about the show that they are willing to build anticipation gradually, rather than try a "splashier" guest spot to milk Aly's appearace for higher ratings.

Remember the Paris Hilton episode? I REALLY hope they've outgrown that phase. I'm going to cover my ears, hum and assume the network made them do it.
I think Paril Hilton was Joel Silver's idea, as even though Rob Thomas objected to it they needed a "star" behind them for promotional purposes.
The weird thing about the Paris Hilton episode was that I didn't even realise it was her until afterwards.

I disagree though Zeitgeist, I felt the character of Trina Echolls had suddenly been shoe-horned into the show to fit Aly in. Also, the fact she plays that character, means we are unlikely to see much of her if she gains the lead in another show. So how much character development are we actually going to see with 2 small appearances?

hell, I'd go as far to say that's a season 1 picture!
Nah, that's season two. But still 1997 - so long ago.
The weird thing about the Paris Hilton episode was that I didn't even realise it was her until afterwards.

The same thing happened to me, but it was because I came late to the ep and missed all her speaking scenes. And didn't see the promos.
Aly/Trina Echolls may be "wedged in" to the regular cast, but any chance to get a glimpse into the highly dysfunctional and (at times) brutal Echolls household is worth it to VM fans. Looking forward to seeing Aly in more scenes with Jason Dohring (half-brother Logan), Harry Hamlin (Daddy Aaron) and Kristen Bell (Veronica, of course). The acting talent in this show is stellar.
I liked Aly/Trina on Veronica Mars, it was a very ambiguous performance: we don't know if she is involved in Logan's Mother's disappearance (how did she get the credit card? She clearly didn't like Logan's Mom so you'd think they wouldn't share an account). Or if she'll turn out to be a good guy (she certainly rushed down to help Logan get out of jail). Obviously it is a complicated relationship, which is always interesting.
I find it strange that everybody assumes the role was created for Aly and feels that she was "wedged in". My understanding of storytelling is that you cast actors to fit the parts you've written; not the other way around. I think some people are just bitter, one way or the other - that's she's there to begin with or that she's not there enough.
As I recall, in Rob Thomas' interview with TWoP, he said he mentioned to Joel Silver that Logan was going to have a sister, and Joel Silver wanted to do some kind of stunt casting much like the Paris Hilton role (which he had insisted on, wanting to promote her since he also produced House of Wax), saying they should try to get Tara Reid or someone along that line. He made a list of actresses he wanted, Aly was on the list, and Rob picked her because he knew her work, and also because assumedly the other actresses on the list were Paris Hilton/Tara Reid types.

So the role was not written for Aly at all, and overall I'm just relieved that they cast her, considering how bad the alternatives could have been.
It seemed like they just slotted her into the episode because of her 'star' status, rather than actually being interesting to the story...
Precisely! Very well said Brob1. I promised myself I wouldn't give this show a second chance, cuz I end up giving shows third, fourth and fifth chances then get disappointed every time. You'd think I'd learn my lesson, but based on what little one can tell with the trailer, it appears Hannigan's getting a little more than lip service in this episode. If I do tune in again, it'll be for Hannigan and nothing else. I find Veronica Mars a slightly more intelligent "Clueless" with predictably tailored mysteries thrown in to pad out the hour.
I was a bit dissapointed in Alyson's last appearance, she was hardly in it.

I came very close to stopping watching when I watched the episode with Paris Hilton in it, as I really couldn't believe that a show that gets raved about so much on here, would have bloody Paris Hilton on it, glad I stuck with it after that though.

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Ugh, Paris Hilton! One of the reasons I didn't watch VM in the beginning is because of her guest stint on it. I'm glad I got over that and started watching the show even though I missed the beginning of it. I've since been able to catch most episodes in repeats, including the PH one (which I wouldn't have minded missing - again)!
Ugh, Paris Hilton!

The end of the ep paid it off for me, because the cool kids ostracized her character.

I believe that the other actress mentioned was Denise Richards. It was a smart choice to go with Alyson because she really looks like Logan's sister. I can't imagine Denise Richards in the role.

[ edited by Zoic_Fan on 2005-04-16 04:10 ]
"I can't imagine Denise Richards in the role."

Me neither. Especially now that she's preggers. :)

I dunno... The first episode it felt like Trina was supposed to have more going on than she did. I can see how people felt she was "wedged in" but on my end it seemed more like she got cut in editing. The *character* has a lot of potential, but whether they choose to play it out or not remains to be seen.
You missed the best part - they also give you the first minute or two of the opening chapter:
or direct link

Trailer direct link

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