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April 15 2005

Nostalgia television is back. Recycling the showbiz way: Article discussing the resurgence of classic US TV series on European TV and the trend towards film remakes of classic TV series. Mentions Joss and Wonder Woman as one example.

Interesting article describing how the nostalgia factor and plethora of cable channels is driving the re-release of classic TV series and how some classic TV series get re-released on the coattails of their film remakes. Or how the snake bites itself in the tail.

It also mentions the trend towards film remakes:

The success of such boxoffice remakes as "Charlie's Angels" and "Starsky & Hutch" has itself triggered a slew of retro reinventions, including an upcoming theatrical version of "Dallas," a new NBC Universal formatting of "Kojak" and the forthcoming Joss Whedon-directed project "Wonder Woman."

The whole concept should suit Joss just fine as he is no stranger to recycling from film to series or series to film (and potentially series). This could go on forever.

I very sincerely hope nobody takes this as an invitation to bring back the original Wonder Woman series to TV.
The article is incorrect. The fact that the movie has been greenlighted has nothing to do with the TV series. Instead it's due to Warner Bros reinvigorated efforts to make good use of DC's comic book characters.

Since Spiderman and its sequel made so much money at the box office, it spurred Warner Bros to make good use of the characters they own. Hence the Constantine movie, getting Bryan Singer to do the new Superman movie, Christian Bale to play the lead in the Batman flick and Joss to write and direct Wonder Woman.
Miranda, one of the satellite channels over here in the UK has been showing the old Wonder Woman television series quite recently. Can't remember which one, although most likely either SciFi or Bravo i would imagine.

If you are a scheduler working for a satellite or cable channel you really can't beat a good old cult series for filling time in your daytime programming. ;)
Can any fellow members of nitpickers anonymous confirm whether 1998 sci-fi series "Chameleon" actually exists or is the writer just using the french name for the Pretender series.
( I dont see a releveant entry in Imdb )

BTW, I always thought that a meeting between Lilah M. and Ms Parker would be interesting, bet they would have much to talk about.
I don't remember the WW tv series being all that good, although I was rather young when it came out, and spent most of the time staring at Lynda Carter's ..assets than actually criticizing the plot development and characterization. Granted, reruns don't have to be good to get rerun. I imagine Alf is still playing somewhere in the world, perhaps even as you read these words.

I've got similar opinons for The Bionic Woman and Charlie's Angels by the way: they were much more entertaining when I was going through puberty and had more hormones running through my body than a junkie has crack. Nowadays I'm like, "Well she'd be 'cuter' if she took some acting lessons! Sheesh!" In other words I'm pushing over the hill.

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