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April 15 2005

SMG's future movie Southland Tales has a teaser website up. The website is incomplete and there is no actual information about the movie or SMG, but interesting none the less. Quite similar to the Donnie Darko website in that it is confusing but it will probably make more sense after you've seen the movie.

It looks very interesting and I for one am looking forward to seeing it.

Apparently 'strassen nicht notig' means 'Streets aren't necessary' it is some kind of philosophy. There is lots of discussion about it at the IMDb boards.

I believe this was already posted. Doesn't look like its changed since.
It would be cool if this website, when it's finished, will be like the Donnie Darko one. I had to use a guide to actually complete the puzzle. Learned a lot though. Man, I can't wait for this movie. Richard Kelly is a very inspired film maker.
Oh, I'm sorry. I hadn't seen it. Do you want me to delete this?
Number 5 at is indicating that an official press release will occur on Monday night.

They will be releasing cast, distribution, and some plot info. I hope this information is accurate as we have been waiting for weeks for this press release.

Earlier on this week, Kevin Smith indicated that he was expecting to film scenes for the movie over two days in August.

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I thought the link had been posted on the front page before but as far as I can make out it actually hasn't. Anyhow, the link can stay and the site is kinda cool.
Oh man is that the same composer from Donnie Darko ? 'Cause the music on the site sounds as hauntingly beautiful and unsettling as that film's.

Chills. The movie's already giving me chills (both the good kind and the creeped out kind). Hope for more of those when I get to see it.
They've added a few things to the site. Kinda' like the "Do not touch" button to enter, snarky. The more I read about this film, the more I wish to see it. Don't think it will be a blockbuster, but I'll throw that to the wind. Really looking forward in seeing SMG play this role. I think she's going to surprise us all.

Good find, pezwitch:)
Yea this was posted about 2 months ago. That's still kool tho. Am seriously looking forward to this movie! It's gonna be a goodin!
Much as I'm looking forward to seeing SMG teamed with Richard Kelly, I'm more interested in seeing a different side of Sean William Scott. Kelly seems to have a lot of confidence in the guy (I'll admit he's got a tonne of charisma, definitely has a presence...just haven't seen him in anything non-goofy yet).

Kelly had this to say about the website in an interview from last year:

"This is only the beginning of the website. We hope that it will evolve into one of the most elaborate websites ever built to tie into a film. This is only the earliest stages of it, but its going to be a companion piece to the film. Kind of an interactive companion piece that will evolve as we go into production, through the release of the film, and maybe even beyond...Pretty much everything on the website is going to have some tangent relationship on some level to the plot of the film."
There's that word tangent that Kelly loves so much!
While tons of rumors have been floating around, I think the most tangible theory I've heard as to what this movie may be about is a retelling of how history would be if the South had won the Civil War.
Sorry, BlindHawkeyes. I don't understand your theory; but, it does intrigue me. All I've heard is that it was about the internet and our tabloid loving society during a US 2008 election year.
Those of you that read french might want to look at the paper Tele Star Magazine, they say some nice things about SMG and quote some numbers for her next films.

Dont know where the numbers come from or even if they are only 'tabloid true' but ...

3.9 Mill Euros + bonus for Southland Tales ?

6.3 Mill Euros + a producers agreement for The Grudge 2 ?

If the numbers are true SMG is doing well, good for her.
...3.9 Mill Euros + bonus for Southland Tales?

6.3 Mill Euros + a producers agreement for The Grudge 2?

For 'The Grudge 2' that would be approximately $8.2 million, by my calculations. Bearing in mind that she was paid $600,000 for the first film and the alleged budget was $10 million, that's a massive hike. It suggests that the sequel will have a substantially bigger budget, indicating that Sony are expecting it to do big business. I cannot imagine for a second that the second film would perform as well as the first one, although I would expect the budget and SMG's fee to increase (but maybe not by this much).

If my calculation is accurate, Tele Star are suggesting SMG will be paid something over $5 million for 'Southland Tales'. I am sure it is possible, but I'm taking these figures with a pinch of salt. Mind you, I am doing this from a position of knowing next to nothing about how the film business works. Perhaps I should just shut up!
Boy! Those are big numbers.

I couldn't even guess if they are accurate. Southland's numbers sound steep, since Sarah has been connected to the movie for a long time. The Grudge 2 numbers are realistic for a sequel. The producer credit would indicate a much bigger role for Sarah in the next installment. Sam Raimi has expressed an urge to work further with Sarah and Sony seems quite willing to support her career. Only time will tell.

I recently did some calculations into the total revenue for Sarah's pictures according to Box Office Mojo. If you add both overseas ($449.1 million) and North American ($564.6 million) box office for her eight films. They have earned just over 1 billion dollars worldwide. It's small compared to Julia Roberts: but, the numbers are stronger than most young actresses' agents are able to boast about.
Wow... really big numbers.
Ill expect to see Sarahs name in the typical "The Most Powerful Women in the industry" articles :p

Im looking forward to Souhtland Tales.

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