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January 10 2003

New hope for Firefly 20th Century Fox looking to sell to the Sci-Fi Channel now

Interesting to note that they're planning to pitch Firefly as a miniseries or movie.
Everyone get writing!

Ummmmm not to spoil the mood, but the Sci Fi Channel did cancel Farscape citing costs and poor ratings.

But you never know, stranger things have happened.
I should probably preface this by saying I do want to see Joss Whedon do well, so I am a little biased, but that is countered because I've also watched a few episodes of Firefly and personally I'm just not on the bandwagon. It was okay but just didn't grab me, so I think I speak a bit objectively here.

All that said, though I'm not a big fan of Firefly, it definitely was better than anything Farscape ever put out. I found Farscape to be trite, reaching and the plots were usually either repetitive or not to be believed. Though not my cup of tea, Firefly was at the very least, well written. Farscape & Andromeda were both blatant and embarassing ripoffs of other more successful scifi fare. Firefly was trying to forge its own trail; a bold and daring effort.

So of course SciFi Channel will turn Firefly down. Otherwise the world might stop spinning and the sun would not rise and set. Network Suits have to consistently be buttheads. It's the way of the universe.
While I don't agree with your opinion of Farscape, Zach's Mind, I do agree that Scifi will turn them down. Barry Diller, CEO of Vivendi, has been quoted saying he hates "space shows," which Firefly definitely is. It's unfortunate that fans of both shows have torn loyalties re: Firefly vs. Farscape.

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