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April 16 2005

Buffy Bootleg toys. Welcome to the world of Bootleg Action figures. Starring, our very own, POWER SLAYER!

My god, those are horrible! Well, what can you expect from a bootleg, right? Yikes.
thats great!
Well that's the link of the month for me so far. Fantastic! I didn't even know you could get bootlegs of Buffy figures.
Time for Mr Whedon to speak to Mr Lawyer I think...
Can anyone else not tell the difference between those and the real deal? If they hadn't pointed it out I wouldn't have noticed it said 'POWER SLAYER' on the front... ;)
Those have got to be the worst I have ever seen!
Time for Mr Whedon to speak to Mr Lawyer I think...

And possibly Ms Gellar, as well…(for her image on the packaging)
They changed her image so much I don't know if you could even say it's her.
Kinda wishing SMG wore a few of those outfits on the show...
Dark Horse will have to get in on the suing as well, since they're using an image from one of the early comics.

I'm more fascinated by the outfits however. The yellow shirt number sure, but what's with the red/silver super hero get up? Or the flaming short shorts? Talk about tacky. eek.

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You hadn't seen this before?
I've seen this before too! I could've sworn it was on this site but I guess not.
Oh, I think there's definitly a case there for a lawsuit. They've got SMGs likeness in the background and an image from a Buffy comic on the front. No mistake on who they are ripping off.
Wow. These are just ... stunningly bad. They remind me of the kind of things I used to love making fun of with my friend Dennis in the toy aisle at our local Big Lots (a retail discount chain we revered for its selection of unintentionally kitschy/discontinued/downright strange merchandise. What can I say? It was summer in the 'mid-80s and we were young(er), broke and understimulated in the South, so we made our own fun. ;) The costumes (and never did the description of something looking 'painted on' have so much meaning) are one thing, especially that breast-baring heart-shaped number, but the crazy scifi/'Conan'/psychedelic orange weapons are just too much.

I know it's wrong to appropriate someone else's ideas and images so blatantly, but it's nothing less than a bottom-up marketplace confirmation that Joss's concept of 'The Slayer', and the Buffyverse, have become truly culturally iconic. It demonstrates in a twistedly respectful, if illegal, manner that the people responsible have some vestige of good taste. Questionable ethics, mind you, but they did know enough to steal from the best.
Oh great, another thing to worry about. I'll not comment now because I'm too upset over this matter. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6....
I saw this before and was aghast. It reminded me of a bit from The Specials in which the heroes all got their own action figures, most of which had gone horribly, horribly wrong. This is the fifth grade fanfic of action figures.
It's almost "Lego figure" bad.

Maybe THIS is how we can get a 'Verse show on air! Forget "Buffy Animated", make "Buffy Lego Figure Animated"! Just like the Monty Python Holy Grail in Lego that's on the DVD! Maybe Seth can do a few scenes on Robot Chicken?
I wonder if they are planning a "Power Angel" series with Angel in skimpy outfits with impressive codpieces? This could be just the thing to reinvigorate David Boreanaz's interest in playing the character.
Hahahahahah, these are so bad they're fantastic! I would buy one of these just for a laugh. 'Cept of course I don't want my dosh going to bootleggers. I love the big breasts. What a crack up. :)
These have definitely been around for quite a while as one of my friends got one for Christmas a few years ago. It caused us great amusement, I had forgotten about it until this link so thanks for that :)
OMG, I NEED a barf bag!!!

The horror! The horror! The utter horror of those monstrosities!

I'm traumatized...
Buffy the Pneumatic Slayer. "Charmed" meets BtVS. This melts my brain. Gone!
If anyone in the room has a question on figures, please give me a call. That's all.
And a hair color for every day of the week. Brilliant.
Cordelia Chase, your comments made me laugh even more than those crazy Buffy's! I have tears in my eyes.

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