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April 17 2005

Happy Birthday Kristine Sutherland. A Very Happy Birthday to the Wonderful Kristine Sutherland, who played Joyce Summers on Buffy.

Happy Birthday, Kristine. Many happies.

Love her.
Wow, I would have taken her for ten years younger.

I hope I get to see her on something other than a headache commercial, but I even enjoy those just because I like her. She has a beautiful voice and really should be getting more work.

Ooh, she's 6 days younger than my mom. :) A happy 50th to her!
Happy Birthday, Kristine. Many happy ones to come I hope.

And yes, she deserves way better than ANY commerical. I've always told my fellow Buffy loving friends that, if given the choice to have an mother from television. I'd choose Joyce as my mother. Father, prolly Billy Cosby as Heathcliff Huxtable or Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen.
Happy Birthday Kristine!

One of the best TV Moms, not the cliche adult that many shows have.
Happy Birthday, Kristine! We miss seeing you on tv.
Many happy returns! (Including a return to TV!)
Yay! Kristine! One of my all time favorite TV moms!
Why is it that so many Buffy stars were born in April?!

Happy B-day, Kristine!
"6 days younger than my mom"...

And 2 months younger than me...d'oh!

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Happy birthday Kristine.

I too think Kristine is a wonderful actress and I loved Joyce as a character.

At first I think the writers hadn't defined Buffy's home life very clearly, and were a little unsure of exactly how her mother fit into her life. But by season two the conflict between them was believable because you could tell Joyce wanted the best for Buffy but was unaware of her life as a slayer. I actually thought the character was even better from season three onwards as she accepted Buffy's responsibilites and we saw just how caring she was with Dawn. And of course her death was incredibly tragic.

I too think if I had a choice of TV characters as my parents I would choose Joyce Summers as my mother and Sandy Cohen as my father. Although I think Kirsten Cohen would be a nice mother too.

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