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April 18 2005

Angel & Firefly producer/writer Ben Edlund brings The Tick back to comicbooks. Angel and Firefly producer & writer Ben Edlund will bring back his cult hero The Tick in a limited-series named The Tick: Days of Drama and published by New England Comics. (Sadly you need to scroll down past a bunch of Superman related info).

Though it's not actually being written by him.
..I know, that IS kind of strange.
But if Edlund is interested in keeping Tick "out there" it is a good move. Being that he is in Hollywood, I cannot help but thinking that he acctually has OTHER plans for the Tick and this is something he can use if/when he pitches for TV/Film/video-game deals.

If IDW is a minor publisher what is New England Comics then??
There have been a couple of Tick-related books in the recent past that haven't been written by Edlund. The one or two I saw definitely did not live up to the standard set by B.E.

And New England is definitely smaller than IDW (though there are many even smaller publishers.)

OT: If you're looking for vintage superhero humor comics, Bob Burden has brought back Flaming Carrot. I just finished the first 2 issues, and they're definitely up to the dada-esque hilarity of the first, circa 1981 issue.

The man is a genius. But nuts. :)
[shrug] Not the first time a TICK comic has been done by someone other than Edlund. But in MO, he's the only one who does it right. None of the other writers/artists touched Edlund's genius with the blue man. Funny, while not a fan of most of the work he has done since the comic, when reading the original series a while ago, it struck me how much Edlund is like Joss. Both go for deep characterization, like to play with pop-culture, and have wicked senses of humor. I'm not usually one to go, "blah blah blah back in the day he was much better blah blah blah" but I have never thought Edlund lived up to his promise that the TICK comic held. The TV shows of the Tick were just pale imitations, and his work with Joss has left me mostly cold. I am curious, though about the movie mentioned in this article. I am still hoping that Edlund knocks one out of the park for me, because I so want to see what he can do.
Yay! More Tick! After getting the Man-Eating Cow series, and the tv series (all 7 eps, another thing for which the people at Fox shall pay) on DVD, I need more Tick.

More Tick! Spoon!

Now, where's the animated series on DVD?
"all 7 eps, another thing for which the people at Fox shall pay"

dha-ha! Another example of how crappily FOX handles great tv shows.

Would love the animated series on dvd though. That show is a clasic.

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