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April 18 2005

Sneak Peek At Joss Whedon/Neal Adams X-Men Story. Some great pencil sketches courtesy of the legendary comic book artist. The eight page story will appear in Giant Size X-Men #3 and should ship sometime in May.

And in case X-fans are wondering why Dave Cockrum isn't doing the art, here's some info via Millarworld:

Due to medical reasons, Dave Cockrum will no longer be penciling the all-new, eight-page Joss Whedon story in Giant Size X-Men #3 (MAR051919D, $4.99; Final Order Cut-off Date 05/05/05). The story will instead be pencilled and inked by Neal Adams. Cockrum and John Cassaday did pencil the cover for the issue, an image for which will be released shortly.

And a big thank you to Mr Adams for letting me link to his site.

Thank you indeed, Mr. Adams.
I feel really horrible for Mr. Cockrum, I will keep him in my prayers.
That's a shame about Cockrum, but Neal Adams? OMG OMG OMG! Sorry, total fangurly moment there.
"Letting you" link to his site?!
I wasn't 100% sure the artwork was for the Joss story so I sent him an email to make sure and if it was, would it be ok to link to his stuff. My personal philosophy is that it's a site that hasn't been linked to before and I have a query about something on the site, I ask and check to make sure that it's ok.
Neal Adams should do more work in comics! He is an AMAZING artist. Absolutely teriffic!!

...but I feel sad for Mr.Cockrum.
But I have read that Adams have been working on Marvel giving Cockrum credit for creating Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus etc, etc. That Marvel is making tons of cash on characters Cockrum created while he has medical and financial problems is sad.
I keep forgetting how many Jossites aren't comics weenies. "Should do more work in comics"? But... Adams was doing X-Men before Cockrum! I am totally with punkinpuss. OMGOMGOMG (I mean, as long as he's not correcting tectonic plate theory ;-).

For those of you who want to help Dave Cockrum out, Aardwolf publishing has a tribute book they're selling to raise money for the Cockrums. The list of contributors is muy impressive.

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