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January 10 2003

Proof of the voice over mystery. Fans have been debating the question of the voice over used in "Showtime" and whether that was SMG's voice or not.

Here we have two mp3s, one from the Canadian wildfeed, one from the US broadcast. It clearly shows a different actress did the wildfeed. Probably because the final sound mix wasn't ready yet.

I wonder if it was the same woman who did Buffy's voice for the Xbox game?
Sounded an awfully lot like Michelle Trachtenberg to me...
Either way -- isn't this like having a "wrong Buffy", like there was a "wrong Willow" in the original original pilot that wasn't the film? I'm all goosepimply.
I wonder if the voice is Riff Regan, then.
The Oracle says: Riff Regan has a Bacon number of 2.

Riff Regan was in Just Friends (1997) with Joshua Malina
Joshua Malina was in Few Good Men, A (1992) with Kevin Bacon

The Eye of Beljoxa says: Riff Regan has a Whedon number of 2.

Riff Regan played "Cashier" on one episode of Roseanne.
Joss Whedon was a staff writer on Roseanne.
I'm confused. The version broadcast here in the U.S. sounded like SMG to me, as did the clip on the website. Was there a different version that aired in Canada with someone else doing the voiceover? And if so, I wonder why. I've heard about this debate, I'm just not sure where it's coming from since the version I saw seemed perfectly normal.
Obviously -- though it's far from obvious WHY -- the US version has SMG's voice and the Canadian version doesn't. All I can imagine is that the voiceover was done sort of pre-post-production, as a "scratch take." (Maybe it's Marti Noxon or someone like that...) Then they forgot to replace it with the "real take" before sending it out to Canada, but managed to fix it before sending it to US stations.

hmmm, red herring, me thinks. Perhaps this won't be the last season after all? Perhaps the different voice over was hedging bets in case it was to be the last season? Perhaps...?
I don't follow, Lady Pele. How would putting out two different versions of "Showtime" (one with the SMG voice-over, one without) hedge any bets about the fate of the series?

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Maybe it has something to do with this? Maybe they were testing to see if people could tell the difference between the real Buffy voice & a close approximation? Apparently if that's the case, the experiment failed.
It's not the XBox girl (she sounds a lot more like SMG than this girl), nor Marti Noxon (thank you DVD extras). My guess? SMG's recording was done very last minute for reasons unknown, and the sound engineer or somebody filled in as a desperation measure for the wildfeed. Intriguing, to be sure.

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