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April 20 2005

Cast update for Amy Acker's new pilot "The Unit". Via The Futon Critic.

Get complete lineup of articles about this show at this futoncritic page

Couldn't find report around this date here on Whedonesque.

It never hurts to help!
This looks very similar to the UK TV series 'Ultimate Force' about an SAS special forces team.

That had an interesting story line about the first woman member of an SAS team. It would be great if Amy had an equivalent role.
I think I may reword Drifter's subject line but now I have a class to teach so I'll do it in a wee while.
It has a good cast, got President Palmer from 24 in it, a.k.a Dennis Haysbert and Robert Patrick of X files and T2.

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First rate cast and writing. The Unit will definitely be worth checking out next season.

On a lighter note, Nick Brendon's series Kitchen Confidential is also mentioned in main link. The restaurant series is being produced by Darren Star of Sex in the City fame. It should make for a kitchen full of interesting quirky characters.

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Good cast. This might even be something I could get my husband to watch with me.
Looking forward in seeing Amy on television again.
Amy Acker and Scott Foley? yes, I can see that... AA deserves a break after those intense, "fighting their inner demon" types she had to contend with on Angel.
I didn't know much about The Unit, wasn't planning on getting into any of the possible shows for next fall, but this is too good to pass up. First of all, David Mamet and Shawn Ryan? Love some of Mamet's films and Shawn Ryan is the creator of The Shield, not to mention an Angel Season 2 writer. That right there would be enough. But the cast, as others have mentioned, they seal the deal completely.

Not sure about Kitchen Confidential. Knowing Starr, there's no way this'll be a laugh-track sitcom, so it's got that going for it. If it's comedy within the vein of Scrubs, Arrested Development, and/or Sex & The City, it might be able to get my attention. But I loved S&tC and even moreso Grosse Pointe (the WB-and-90210-skewering comedy that aired on the WB). Never saw Miss Match, though I'm pretty sure a bunch of people here watched it for the Charisma Carpenter and Nathan Fillion content.
Thanks Storyteller and Simon.

I did search through the Cast and Crew postings around that date but I see in Storyteller's link that there's no category in the posted item. Guess that's how the search function missed it. Drat.
Here is a list of the main characters in the pilot of The Unit (which is titled "First Responders")

The cast of "The Unit"
Jonas Blane - Dennis Haysbert
Molly Blane - Regina Taylor
Bob Brown - Scott Foley
Kim Brown - Amy Acker
Mack Gerhardt - Max Martini
Tiffy Gerhardt - Abby Brammell
Tom Ryan - Robert Patrick
Charles Grey - Michael Irby
Keenan Williams - Demore Barnes
So she plays Scott Foley's wife. Very cool, go Amy!!!!
Yep, she plays Scott's wife. Scott plays a new member of the unit, and Amy is the wife who may have some trouble adjusting to her husband's new job... The two have really great chemistry together! :)

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Wait. wait, wait- you've seen it? You don't mention if the show itself is any good. And more importantly, did Scott mention me? (I talked to him backstage after the "Violet Hour" on Broadway, I'm sure he remembers me fondly.)

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