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April 21 2005

New cast member and plot details revealed for Southland Tales. The Rock? Oh crikey. However, the plot seems to be very intriguing as is the fact that Sarah's new movie is the final part of a "nine part interactive experience".

This looks well ace. Definitely going to check this one out.

Oh my! Modest project? Not! If it comes out half as good as the plot and character summary, I think I'm going to like this, uh, multimedia project/film/novel/website/etc.

How about this: . . . "with the prequel saga to be published as six separate 100-page graphic novels, each written by Kelly."

Yup, Simon, going to check this out myself.
Sounds like a really special project, a must see indeed, just hope RK isn't biting off more than he can chew.

"sci-fi thriller" simplifies the description, good that they no longer mention a musical, that seems to have confused a lot of people.

I believe a first in a long time for SMG, a press release that doesn't mention Buffy "Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Grudge)" , I was starting to think she should accept her fate and officially change her name to Sarah Michelle "Buffy" Gellar.

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The Rock was awesome in Be Cool (best thing in the film, honestly), so him being a part of Southland Tales sounds good to me.
Does anyone know what Kelly might mean by "sensibility of Andy Warhol?" The reference to Philip K. Dick seems to add creedance to rumors that the film might deal with an alternate history (or a fake alternate history, concealing a conspiracy, more Dick's style).

At least now I know what's taking so long. And won't be surprised if it turns out to take longer than scheduled again. It would be great if the first parts really started coming out early next year, though.

Oooh! Edited to add there's a LOAD of new stuff on the Southland Tales site. Probably won't have time to look at it all at work. Are there any other Pixies fans loving the title of Ch. VI?

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Hearing the Rock is in it makes me more likely to see it than hearing SMG is in it. Just sayin'.
Here, here dreamlogic...I am totally digging the title of Chapter VI. Just the Pixies reference itself makes me want to see this movie and get the graphic novels.
This sounds really good! I'm excited for Sarah. Also, The Rock is a big draw and he does have a certain charisma to him. I haven't seen Be Cool but he did look like he had an interesting role in that from the promos I saw. Hopefully this movie and Revovlver will be great successes both in box office tickets and with the critics.
The Rock???? :S
Well, i hope Richard knows what´s doing with him.

Anyways, the story and all those comic prequel look very, very interesting.
Rock's first appearance on Saturday Night Live and Be Cool has generated great buzz about him... he's not seen so much as a former pro wrestler turned actor but an actor who used to be a pro wrestler.

Now if Ashton Kutcher were cast in this film, I'd be appalled.
SMG as an adult film star? Could be an interesting role for her. The Rock is awesome. Seab William Scott, not so much. From what this says it sounds like Scott will play a serious character in this one. That's something I'm not sure he can do. Hopefully he will surprise me.

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