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April 21 2005

TV Guide's Ausiello thinks Eliza might do more That 70's Show. He thinks this is more likely than a Faith spinoff.

Simon is this your question ?

Fraid not. Aren't IDW supposing to be doing some sort of Faith spinoff comic book?
I remember hearing back when IDW got the rights that they would be able to do a Faith book and planned on it.
I don't know why but i just don't see a Faith series or telemovie happening. I hope i'm wrong on this but i get a gut feeling that Eliza isn't going to want to return anytime soon. It will look too much like her taking the safe option after Tru Calling failed.

I would love to see Faith return almost as much as i want to see more from Spike, Giles or Illyria but i'm just not getting the vibe for that going ahead.
If Eliza is seriously considering appearing as a semi-regular on That 70s Show next season (which is without both Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace), then you'd assume she's willing to do tv again.

Of the two options in the article, you've got to think a Faith series would be far more appealing to any actress. Replacing Topher and Ashton in That 70s Show is just the same as Eliza replacing David and Sarah as a star of a Buffyverse show. Both would be similarly risky, since many people have doubts about That 70s Show continuing and many people worry that a Faith spinoff might be disappointing, considering the lofty expectations any Whedonverse show has.
Just a thought.

Although there are a lot of other things ED needs to take into account in deciding whether or not to reprise Faith if the opportunity ever arises, a spinoff being disappointing because of high expections of the Whenonverse doesn't seem like one of them. If it were anyone else but Joss running it, I'd agree with you. However, even though I am big on sheilding myself from disappointment by cultivating low expectations, I am beginning to loosen-up when it comes to Joss, just because he delivers so consistantly. What a guy. :-)
You guys are talking as if she has already been offered the part of a Faith series. Of course she is going to take That 70's Show. She isn't going to wait for a hypothetical TV show that may not even happen. It's a no brainer for her. Also Topher and Ashton ARE That 70's Show. They are really the only entertaining characters besides Fez (sp?) and Fez plays a lot of his jokes off Kelso (Kutcher)
I don't think anyone here is under the impression that she's been offered a Faith series, just speculating between two theorectical choices. Although, I agree that none of the actors would put their career on hold waiting for a telemovie or series to come around. I want them all to be able to keep working. Based on the character she played on "That 70's Show" last time though, I hoped she would be getting something better.
Sorry, I've seen Eliza in That 70s Show and the show already has enough bimbos in it. *cough* Eliza is so much better than the character she's played there, and I would LOVE to see her do a Faith show, especially because we know she can do more than tough-chick. It's something Eliza should really consider. The networks love her enough to keep trying, the fans want it, and I am.. just so tired of not having my Buffyverse. It really depresses me. :(
From the one Eliza guest spot in TSS I saw it does not look like a role to stretch and challenge an actress or allow her to show off her acting chops. If it were a choice of the two I'd go with the Whedon run show every time!
I would absolutely love to see a Faith spin-off!!

I also don't like the 70s show.
Hey, don't get me wrong here guys, i want Eliza to do a Faith telemovie/series, absolutely no doubt about that. Not only that but i personally feel that she will be hard pressed to ever find a role more interesting or demanding, should she choose to stay with television.

My earlier comment was based purely on a vibe i get when i weigh up the likely outcomes of the potential new series. Some i consider to be higher on the possibility list than others. A Faith show is far from being the least likely slayerverse series that could happen, in my opinion, but there are others, like Spike, Ripper or even Illyria in some ways, that i see as being more likely.

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