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April 21 2005

Alexis Denisof talks Angel. "We have to be grateful for the five years we did get on air, which is more than most shows get" (Excerpt from an interview in the latest Angel magazine).

And apparently the US Buffy and Angel magazines will be merging in the summer. Presumably the UK versions will be doing so as well.

"There’s nothing we’d all like more than to come back for Season Six and do some more. But it just didn’t pan out that way, and we have to be grateful for the five years we did get on air, which is more than most shows get."

My thoughts exactly.

It's so good to hear from Alexis. He seems to really appreciate the fans.
r.e. the mags merging

I think thats a really good idea. Titan just cant really afford to keep producing magazines of two ended shows from the same universe
I think its a good idea too.

I have every single issue of both the Buffy and Angel Magazines, including the yearbooks, which is around 70 Buffy issues and 20 Angel issues.

Whilst I like them, I find it hard to justify buying them given that there are no shows to actually report on, and I do so mainly to complete the collection. I love reading interviews with different people involved in the shows, but I really don't need multiple interviews with someone who was maybe only in one episode, which they are going to have to do soon because they are running out of people to interview.

Merging seems like a good idea, so we can still have some interviews and news on any possible future projects, but we don't need two magazines for this. Kinda glad I can save the money for other stuff.
After the original North American Buffy Magazine ended (I think 'cause Another Universe was publishing it and went out of business, something like that), I tried to keep up with the Titan-owned version for a while. I found it not as well-made though. Even the mini-posters weren't as good (when they alternate between Buffy and Spike nearly every month instead of giving us lesser-seen characters like Tara and Wesley on the posters, it kinda grates). I especially couldn't stand how out-and-out fangirlish it read much of the time. It was like there was no room for dissent, you almost had to 100% love every aspect of the series and never have a criticism to enjoy Titan's magazine. Occasional concerns from fans in the letters column and that's it. That's a fact of any sort of magazine or website for the fans though--can't please everyone.

Anyway, there's just no need for it anymore when you've got something like WHEDONesque around. It's nice to have something to hold in your hands and flip through (I'll always buy comics, I doubt pay-online comics will ever really take off), but I think magazines are more or less obsolete to many people, unless you take transit.
I'll just mention it here so people don't forget or miss out on the coolness that is Alexis Denisof. He will be at Collectormania in the UK April 29-May 2, then on the US side of the pond he will be appearing at Angel Booster Bash July 29-31. These are currently the only appearances Alexis is schedule for this year.

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I like Alexis. I'm glad he wanted it to continue too.

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