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April 21 2005

Hip to be square - Alyson Hannigan mention. "It used to be easy to spot them. All you had to do was open your high school yearbook to the computer club page and there they were - the nerds. Those days, as they say, are over. Today, geek is chic.."

What Harry gets kissed in Goblet of Fire! There's another strong worded letter ready to explode out of me!
Sigh...I do so love AH.
'Bout time Harry got some action. Go Potter.

Also, I have been to band camp and when telling a story that I had been through there I walked into the line ,"This one time at band camp," and my dad instantly picked up on it, and then (realizing what I had just said) I was like OMG! And that was when I found out that I had become a band geek. You know, without the bit about masturbation and a certian flute.
SpikeBad, that is just too funny!! Alyson has forever ruined anyone starting a sentence with "This one time at..." I think most people unintentionally when they start a sentence with that beginning immediately go into Aly's AP voice and then crack up laughing.

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Funny to see AH referenced here and then, next thread up, in an NHL-focused article of all things! Such icons Joss builds!
What's her line in Prophecy Girl? "I'm not ashamed. Nerds are in--they are still in, right?" Or something like that anyway...
I thought it was kinda cute.
Except that while she does always triumph in the end, she's a lil more than semi-cool at that point. I'd go with pretty awesome or something more like that.
ya, going from "softer side of Sears" to Goddess... I'd say that's a bit of a triumph
"Geek is chic." Heh. I'm as much of a geek as anybody who's seen every episode of Buffy and Angel, so I can appreciate the idea. But could people please stop using that phrase? It's just a wacky cliche type of thing by now. "Geek is chic!" "RAOF!" Oh, it rhymes! Ho ho. Awful.
Thank you NekoDono. I HATE the phrase. Also, how long has this been news now? I read an article on the whole *Gasp* People we once made fun of might one day be cool! like 15 YEARS ago in some crappy free magazine. It had a clip-art picture of a guy with suspenders and big glasses.

Also, not a fan of how they said she became Semi-cool. She was the Epitome of cool! She nearly destroyed the world! She flayed a guy! She turned into a Goddess! Argh.

Also, don't be astounded by the bad writing, the Edmonton Sun traditionally is a crap paper.
Relating to the Harry Potter news, I read a newspaper article recently about the girl playing Cho Chang, and how she has been criticised and verbally attacked by hysterical preteen girls. I think that is completely horrible. She obviously had the talent to get the part and it is unacceptable that such a young person should be subjected to such abuse. I mean who actually cares that much, it is only a film.
semi-cool? More like rockin' babe.

I don't remember Harry and Cho kissing in book 4, they DO in book 5. Oh well, I guess they're making him grow up a little faster (especially since he's really 17 and he's playing a 14 year old).

One name missing from this list...Mr. Whedon himself.

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