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April 22 2005

Joel Silver talks Wonder Woman. The movie producer slams other female oriented action films and says "Joss has a fantastic take on the story". And there's more from Joel at CHUD. Wonder Woman will be "a full-on origin story" and once Joss finishes the script, a decision will be made about the casting.

They should have gone ahead with the Trinity movie. Instead of Matrix II and III, not instead of Wonder Woman!
The nearest I can think to that was Underworld but they blew that with the script. Everyone knows the theory that an infinite number of monkeys will, given typewriters and infinite time, write Hamlet.

Underworld: Four monkeys, twenty minutes.

The more I hear about WW the more I'm looking forward to it.
I agree Zz9, the more I hear the better and better this movie sounds like it's going to be! I love that JS seems to be excited by Joss' ideas and I really like the fact that it will be "a full-on origin story". I'm not that familiar with that aspect of the story (with my only knowledge of WW coming from the 70s tv series) and it will be nice finding out what her origins were.
I wonder if Joss is going to use WW's made out clay origin or if he's going to tweak the origin to go along with whatever vision he has.
If she was made out of clay, that might explain the figure. I mean, who wants to sculpt an Amazonian Princess who's only a B cup?
I've started reading WW because Joss is helming the movie. I even went as far as buying the first season of WW with Lynda Carter... that was just... weird. Anyway, looking forward to this a lot. From what I've read so far in the Comic's verse, Diana is a very interesting character.
You know, I did like Underworld but at the same time knew it was lacking... something. It definitely had potential. Very visually appealing.
Thanks for the posts on WW. I know some excitement has died down but I'm stilly pretty hyped on the subject. And woah, the thought of Nadja from Days of Our Lives lights me up.
Given the quality of The Matrix, I have really high hopes for JS, JW, and WW.
zz9, love the monkeys/time rating scale! It's so clear.
The movie business exerts a strong fascination on me. So here's a question for the Hollywood expert types who post here. According to Joel, Joss has yet to write the script. How long do you reckon it would take to write it?
I'm far from being a Hollywood expert but i would imagine that your question would be hard to give a timeframe to, Simon. Different people write at different paces. Some would take days to hand in a first draft, others weeks, some maybe months.

I forget his name right now but one of the writers of the Highlander television series has recently been asked to take a crack at writing a new draft for the fifth Highlander movie, currently entitled The Source. This news came about about a month or so ago and to the best of my knowledge he still hasn't completed it. Again though, this is only useful in working out how long it takes this particular writer to put together this particular script. Joss on Wonder Woman would likely be very different.
I'm not exaclty pumpling through the Hollywood vein of this business, but as someone who's rather deeply immersed in the writing culture, I'm going to second The Watcher. I know a few people who could churn out a beautiful WW script given six months; I know a handful of folk who would write one just as good in seven days.

(Then again, I suspect the latter group to be hatched from pods.)
Didn't Joss write OMWF over his vacation? That was a pretty detailed episode with all the musical numbers. I would imagine if he has already got a great premise in his head that he could write it pretty quick. He is used to writing scripts for television shows that have to get churned out much quicker than movie scripts so he might have an edge over the average movie writer.
Your right, FF. It took Joss 5 months to write OMWF. I'm no Hollywood expert, but I imagine our Joss can write a fantastic script in less than 6 months. Of course, IMO.

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