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January 11 2003

T.M.I.: Recap of Emma Caulfield's appearance on Howard Stern. (Scroll down the page a bit - careful, there's a cast spoiler in it)

Emma gets quizzed about Beverly Hills 90210. And sex. A lot.

Is this one of those shows you "have to do" if you want your career to go anywhere? Otherwise I can't think of why anyone would.

It's embarrassing to read, it's one of those interviews you wish had never read. How humiliating for a terrific actress to be reduced to a sex object by a bunch of mindless sexist eejits.
Just wondering, what's the overlap of BtVS viewers and Howard Stern viewers?
I heard the whole thing. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit; don't feel embarrassed for her. Zeppo--I am part of the overlap.
I didn't know she was leaving the show, but I guess that doesn't count as a spoiler? I'd managed to avoid learning that till just now.
I listened to the entire show last night. She seems a bit exhasperated at times, but mostly well up for it. With her appetites and AH's (re: last year's Playboy interview) I now fear for the men on BtVS. ASH said it was strange kissing "Anya" because EC is such a good friend. Perhaps he was 'fraid she'd swallow him whole.

Sorry about the spoiler, blissbat, I've edited the post a little to give fair warning.
Thanks, prolific, that's awfully nice of you. Since I went spoiler-free, I'm so horrified by learning anything. It's very silly.

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