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April 25 2005

Scotsman Reviews Five's showing of S1 ep - 'The Pack'. A rather scathing review of one of the better season 1 episodes.

The Pack is one of my favorites in season one, Nic Brandon's performance was top, funny and evil.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer amuses and entertains without necessarily switching on that part of the brain which governs reason.

Since the show went through seven seasons and switched on all parts of the brain in the process, as evident by the many thoughtful essays and articles and so forth the show generated, I wish such critics writing their "brainless" commentaries would consider where the series went after s1 (which, although my least favorite, was hardly as lightweight in any episode as this person suggests).
Agreed, palehorse. Agreed.
Hmm. He seems to have missed the point that a lot of Buffy is parody. Oh well.

Also seems more than a little pointless to be reviewing a first season rerun that debuted in the UK around 1997...
I love "The Pack." Nick was splendid...really got to stretch a bit, and very early in the show (Aly had to wait a bit longer.)

And, Grounded, I had the same notion--will he be reviewing every Buffy rerun? Makes no sense at all.
If im honest, (and dont shoot me), 'The Pack' is one of my least favourite episodes ever, being beaten only by one, but lets not start that debate again! :)
I'm with you, Apocalypse, "The Pack" just never did it for me. It sure did get a lot of callbacks throughout the seasons, though, something that kind of forced me to appreciate it more.

On the supportive side, I think the fact that this negative review arrived 8 years late (with no acknowledgment of its tardiness) says much more about the review than it does about the episode it criticized.
While I don't think it's one of the stronger eps, it seems to me this guy neither "got" BUFFY nor the idea that this episode was about cliques and how a good guy (like Xander) can fall in with the wrong crowd. And as has been said before why is he reviewing an ep from S1 and on top of that what was all that crap about the H bomb and having nuclear weapons as a detterent?
I agree with you all. An ignorant comment, its sweeping statements like that which give the show a bad reputation. Granted that episode wasn't perhaps as intelligent as the best episodes, but what would you expect from such an early episode? As a reviewer you would think that you would watch a number of episodes of any given show, especially when there are seven seasons from which to pick, before generalising the entire show as "amuses and entertains without necessarily switching on that part of the brain which governs reason." That may be his opinion of The Pack but the same cannot be said for outstanding episodes such as The Body or Hush.

Who thinks we should all start sending him complaints in defense of Buffy? Respectful, but firm ones.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around why someone would write a review of a repeat of an 8 year old episode, let alone why from that episode they draw conclusions about the show has a whole, which continued and improved for 6 years after the episode.

I'm not entirely convinced this guy realizes it was a repeat.
"the pack" was one of the only episode of buffy that truely scared the hell out of me :)
More scary than 'Hush'?? That one creeped me out way to much. I also found 'Same Time, Same Place' to be a bit horrific for my liking.
I've never found Buffy really scary, apart from a few occasions when Joss's mastery of suspense and story development really shone. Moments like Angelus re-emerging are completely unexpected and sad but not neccessarily frightening personally because it is too far removed from reality to really keep you awake at night, but certainly viewed in the context of the episode can be shocking and give you a fright.

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