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April 25 2005

Juliet Landau in Justice League cartoon. She'll voice the character Plastique for the upcoming "Task Force X" episode of Justice League Unlimited scheduled to premiere on Cartoon Network on Saturday, May 21.

Cool. And Adam Baldwin as Rick Flagg. That's neat.

Is this supposed to be the same Mystique who first appeared in the seventh episode of Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man back in 1982? Firestorm resolved the villain's nihilistic tendencies by molecularly turning her clothing into paper butterflies and cotton candy, catching the bombs all over her body as they fell, and flew them outside and above the streets of New York. I doubt that's a solution suitable for cartoon network, but back when I was fourteen that was definitive escapist reading.

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Yeah, looking at the name of the episode, it probably is the same Plastique, since the comics version was a member of the Suicide Squad (Task Force X) for a few issues. She later married Captain Atom, by the way. I notice Darwyn Cooke is writing this. Nice!

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Justice League Unlimited is full of ME's goodies for us.

Juliet Landau also appeared in both Doomsday Sanction and The Balance as Tala. Doomsday Sanction also featured Armim Shimerman's Dr. Milo.
Adam Baldwin add's his Rick Flagg, to Jonah Hex and Bonk.
The character Vigilante has a few lines in Task Force X, but I couldn't recognize if it was Nathan playing him at all.

Just ordering the episodes, Doomsday Sanction was the last new episode showed in the US, which is followed by Task Force X, and then The Balance.
Following The Balance, there is the episode Double Date, which will feature Morenna Baccarin reprising her role as Black Canary, and joining her we've got Amy Acker's Huntress. Then right after Double Date, there's Hunter's Moon which will feature Gina Torres reprising the role of Vixen, and will also include Nathan Fillion's Vigilante.

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