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January 11 2003

(SPOILER) Andy Hallett Is a Regular! Andy's official site posted the news that as of Ep. 14, Andy is now a regular on "Angel."

Uhm. Okay. So. What does that mean exactly? He's gonna appear on the opening credits? I thought he was already in the opening credits? They're no longer gonna work in storylines where Lorne disappears to Las Vegas for five episodes? Hallet's gonna start getting a minimum number of lines per episode? I guess I just don't grasp the significance of this. Could someone elaborate, maybe?
Usually, when you become a regular you are contracted for 22 eps., you get a salary increase, your mug in the credits and for the actor assurance you have a job for a season (if your net keeps your show for a full season). So, for viewers all you get is Andy in the credits and the assurance of (maybe) more Lorne in each ep. pending how the writers use him. It's mostly just a warm fuzzy for Andy.
Wheee!! Congrats to Andy :).
/me jumps up and down. His agent has finally done his job.
Zach, he wasn't in the opening credits. Well, technically yes, you see his sweet green mug, but he didn't get his name stamped all over it.
That's very nice, but the message on his site didn't have to be all full-screen-popupy-ish...
Somebody build that man a proper website.
There's an interview with Andy about his new regular status here.

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