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April 25 2005

Promo for The Inside airing tonight and tomorrow. The link is to the Coming Soon site at FOX, but promos for Tim Minear's new show will air tonight during 24 and tomorrow during House.

The show, I'm promised, will not air on Friday nights.

Hmmmm, i don't remember seeing the promo during 24......hmmmmm.
I'm going to take the optimistic road (cautiously), and hope that this is a good sign. Go, Tim…we love you!
I saw it. I caught it from the middle, thought momentarily it was a movie promo of some sort, and then saw the title, and got very excited. Good to hear it's not slated for the Friday Slot of Doom. The promo didn't give any indication about day/time.
I seen the whole thing. It was just like a movie preview. It looks very very good. I can't wait.
Holy crap, Katie Finnernan and Adam Baldwin are in this?!?! I hadn't read much into this show and probably would've since it's Tim Minear, but this is officially a must see now.
I saw the promo! It was great!
It did look like a movie preview.
Oh, I was watching Everwood. But I totally would've watched 24 instead if I'd have known about this ahead of time. And I'll be watching Veronica Mars tomorrow, so I won't be watching House. Too bad (well, in this case) that BitTorrent files have the commercials taken out, otherwise I'd be downloading right now.

Well, I'm sure if I watch FOX enough I'll see the promo, though there's nothing on FOX I particularly care about.
It was definitely intriguing, and just makes waiting for the series' debut that much harder. Nice job, TM. :)
aaw, jay's sister! :)
Anybody remember when Tim Minear said that there was a huge Angel related thing that was involved with this show? He wasn't talking about Adam Baldwin being in it though, I'm just really curious as to what he was talking about. Oh yeah, he also said that Alexis Denisof may guest star in the future.
I hope the will put the promo in the website to download it.
I don't know if I'd call the Angel related thing "huge." There's a small Angel reference in the pilot episode.
I bet the small Angel reference in the pilot ep has to do with Wolfram & Hart.
I haven't been following this project very closely, so I didn't know what it was when I saw Adam Baldwin. I am a bit disappointed in what looks to be the female lead. I don't know her, but she doesn't seem like she has the 'look' for what I think they want her to do. She's one of those bland, forgetable girls, and as a matter of fact, I've already forgotten what she looked like.

I couldn't get a good feel for it from the trailer, so I can't yet say if this is for me. I might give it a shot. Hey, if I can sit through Point Pleasant, I can probably give this a one episode chance.
I definately think this isn't for everyone, but worth the chance. I adore it, I've read most of them and have been able to see where it twists and turns and have fallen in love with the characters. But I can definately see where it may not be everyone's cup.

I'd be interested to hear what you think after it airs.
Allyson, is there any news on when it will begin? Sometime this summer, or not till next fall?
Sometime this Summer, I believe, I have no concrete date, I don't think Tim does, either. I haven't checked.

I wish it would air after 24's finale, because I'm dying for it to be shown. There's a thing in the third act that I've been keeping to myself, and I'm about to explode.

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