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April 26 2005

Serenity trailer goes up at 1pm PST says Joss. As a bleary eyed fandom waits with bated breath for the first glimpse of Serenity, Joss tells Herc at AICN what time today the trailer will be going online at.

Correct me if I'm wrong, then that is 8pm UK time (BST) ?
9pm, 8 hours difference between the UK and the west coast.
So it will be early evening for me, hopefully I'll be home to experience such joy.
Can't wait. My DVD is on loan to convert #11 as we 'speak'. Everyone keep at it; build the army that will put the BDM over the top at the box office :)

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Everyone can find their local time here.

If you think this is a long wait, the next FIVE MONTHS are going to be hell, eh?

Personally I am looking forward to the round of talk show appearances which usually drum up the most excitement...
Looks like I'm going to have to be late for work today! ;-)
I'm going to be at the James Masters gig. *Wail*

Will have to steal my sisters internet when we get back to her flat.
I'll just be back from lunch with the brother of one of the biggest Firefly fans (after me, of course) in Silicon Valley. I won't be able to resist talking about it at lunch, so I'll find out if the brother is a Browncoat or if he calls the Man "Josh." :-p
By the way, I bet the "full screen" version that Joss mentioned will require "quicktime pro" (paid version) like the Star Wars trailers.

Instead, at least for the windows folks, I highly recommend the free Quicktime Alternative which lets you play quicktime files in a windows media player clone.
TaraLivesOn don't kid me about the wait. Serenity won't arrive in Brazil, before November 11th. I'm still hoping to see if UiP people will do some test screening before that.
Speak of test screenings, there was some freaky stuff going on at the Serenity Movie site a few minutes ago. It looks like there will be screenings on May 5th at several US cities but the link has now disappeared.
I knew I should've taken a later lunch.
Oh please let one be Charlotte. I'd be all over that.
I just checked the time on which it'll be released in Chicago, and it occurs exactly the minute I leave for work. :) It's fate.
If they do Chicago and not Minneapolis (US test screening) I see a road trip in my future. It'll be a flashback to two months back when I road tripped to Chi to see New Model Army play :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-26 17:30 ]
Holy cow, more Serenity screenings? If there's one in the D.C. area I shall beg, borrow and steal to attend.

I wonder why the link was dropped.
One can only assume it was a mistake and not to be posted 'til post-trailer time :)
I don't know, that link about the screenings looked kinda hack-y to me. It mentioned "buying" tickets (aren't screenings free?), and the phrases used seemed like someone was trying to get the tone of an official news post, but missed by a mile.

I hope there is a screening, but until I see words from someone official, I remain doubtful.
From what I can remember the cities were:

Atlanta? (I think)

Perhaps its some sort of viral marketing campaign or more likely a cockup.
The link for Chicago.

(Mods, feel free to fix the link... can't figure out how to do it even after reading the "how to".)
Fixed the link, dizzy, but I'm not sure it goes where you think it goes. What was it supposed to show again?
Actually, I have trouble with the 'how to' on the links also? They never work out the way they're explained??
Must go to bed, big day tomorrow!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-04-26 19:13 ]
dizzy and nixygirl, here's a good html help link page. They give several examples on linking, ect. It will print out on three pages.

Forcing myself to stay up for the trailer, just a few more hours. It will be 5 AM here.

TaraLivesOn, thanks for providing the Quicktime Alternative link. I thought I had all the players on my machine, but I can't recall ever playing Quicktime Pro. Just might need it.

Only 157 days to go.....not that I'm counting or anything ;)
Yep, I'd imagine the full-screen trailer will be Pro only, wouldn't worry, can't imagine it'll take long for someone to find the adress of the file so you can download it to your hard drive.
Can you believe it's been over a YEAR since the greenlight for Serenity?
Portland! Oh.My.God.
Breathe, esg; breathe!
And it's been over four months since the first public screening.
Thanks SNT!

And that was the link provided in the "news" post on the Universal page re:screenings on May 5. It was taken down pretty quick, but not before I clicked on the link...
Yeah, I'm sure several sites will have it available in mere hours from release.

Wow, it has been over a year. I remember dancing with joy upon hearing the making of the movie. Then, the disappointment when Joss told us it would be delayed. But, in looking back, I think Universal did the right thing. Even with the 18 month wait, we're still chomping on the bit for Serenity. Joss, start making plans for the second.
Just think we get to do this all over again in a year for Wonder Woman... ;-)
58 minutes and counting. Im very very excited about this!
I'm waiting patiently... one hour to go.
Argh, can you believe I have to leave right now?
well my money is on this link, best guess on my part, good luck everyone!
Kicks the back of the seat. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet???
Chicago! Wow, so excited! This day has been absolutely miserable. I was a candidate for a wonderful job, and was informed this morning that I did not receive it. So happy about the hopefully true news of the Chicago screeening AND the trailer though. That's what's getting me through today. I can alway count on Whedoneque to make me happy. 40 more minutes!!!! getting sloshed tonight....
Wonder how many hits the apple site has been receiving these past few hours?
I've been watching the trailers for "Hitchhiker's Guide…" and "SW: Ep3"; not sure I'm going to make it to Friday clean…
Sorry for that Harmalicious. I've found that it helps to burn a piece of the offending job's letterhead. Maybe you could do that while watching the trailer?

30 minutes to go. Anyone worried (or maybe hopeful) that we'll crash the server? Would be bad if we couldn't see it immediately but good that so many wanted to see it.
I have a feeling that their servers will be able to handle the demand just fine.
Me too, just dreaming of overwhelming worldwide demand...
I'm also counting on them to be a little late, by about five minutes or thereabouts. But we'll see in about 15 minutes or so. :)
Thanks, BT. Unfortunately I'm still using the same letterhead. My current job is with the same business, so I have to be all stiff upper lippy. My co-workers think I'm crazy. I keep saying 40 minutes, 30 minutes. hmm...maybe I would have gotten the position if I wasn't on Whedonesque all day.............nah! Oh my god, 15 minutes!
Less than 15 minutes! This is maddening...
Well, lets not crash the front page of Whedonesque. Can we agree to allow one of our wonderful MODS to post the link? They're busy enough as it is and I would hate to see 20 posts suddenly flash up with the same info. Is that reasonable to everyone?
Hey, i just watched the trailer! It's up already. I clicked on TaraLivesOn's link.
This link is now loading a trailer:
I allready have my post ready to go so as soon as that site get's activated my link is going up first.
Do I have to say it? SHINY. I can't believe it went up before 1:00 PM.
I'm making TaraLivesOn Whedonesque poster of the day btw. So go post your reactions in our brand new spanking Serenity trailer thread.

I think... or I just bought tickets to a preview of some other movie... the theater that was listed for Chicago, in the quickly-pulled-down news item, had tickets for sale for May 5, 10:00pm. Keep an eye out, folks, methinks more screenings will be coming to you all soon!
dizzy, seriously? where could I go to find tickets for Chicago screening? OMG...I would kill for tickets to an early screening, and Chicago would be perfect!
Hey Embers. I credit this to someone on the Chicago Browncoat list.

The website is Select Chicago area, then Rivereast 21. Don't click on anything under movie or date. Next screen, select May 5. Scroll down to a "Special Advanced Screening" for 10PM. Click Buy Tickets button and buy!

This may not be Serenity. However, considering the weird post on the Universal site earlier, and the fact that the tag line ("You can't stop the signal") was used in that post before the trailer was online leads me to believe that this is not a hoax. Anyway, something will be shown on the 5th, and it's looking pretty likely that it will be our BDM.

And I hereby renounce my previously displayed cynicism!
Edited to delete from this thread and put in the other Serenity thread!

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