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April 26 2005

Early information about the DVD release for The Crow: Wicked Prayer. The movie stars David Boreanaz as one of the villains.

Is it just me, or does it seem funny (or strange?) to have "deleted scenes" on a first release?

I guess they must have been scenes that didn't work or that had other problems. 'Cause it seems that if the studio had a problem with them, they wouldn't have been able to put them on the disk at all. Just…funny!
Nah I have deleted scenes on just about all of my DVDs but the majority aren't that very interesting to the plot so its easy to see why the director chose to not include them in the film.

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Another thing about the deleted scenes... Wasn't this originally slated to be a theatrical release? Therefore the "final cut" of the film would be what was intended for the theatrical/studio release, not a "Director's Cut". So it could have stuff deemed too graphic or that had to be cut for length originally. I do agree with eddy though, in that it's probably stuff that was just extraneous to the story and so was cut to improve flow.
Finally! I've been waiting to see this movie, having read nothing but good things about DB's performance.
I know. It's been ages since we've really seen him be a bad guy. Can. Not. Wait.

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