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April 26 2005

Official Serenity site upgrade. The official site now has more stuff on the front page, like a link to the trailer and a photo gallery, and downloads. Didn't plan on getting any work done today, anyway...

Simplistic, easy to browse... yeah, I like it.
And a slightly different Serenity logo I see, very nice.
And now we have "story" instead of "synopsis".
Is anyone else having trouble with this site? The latest versions of Firefox, IE and Safari are not dealing with it well for me. And my computer is pretty new. It's a mac, but hey, we can access anything these days. I never have trouble with it. Until now. Damnit.
Works fine for me on my Safari...
Not getting through with Firefox on WinXP. MSIE working alright.
WhooHoo! Not only am I among fellow Joss fans but people who use Firefox as well! I keep on trying to convert friends but they all go "Whatever. They're all the same."

He he! The photo of Joss on the set looks like he snuck up on Nathan and went "BOO!"...
they seem to have gotten rid of the blog. ah well, it didn't really serve much of a purpose anyway.
It works, albeit slowly, in Firefox on my Mac.
It seems to work for me (Firefox on WinXP)
Both Safari and Firefox work on my old Mac G3 PowerBook. Slow to activate the graphics, though.
I think I'm gonna watch the trailer once a day until the film is actually released... perhaps even after.

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