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January 11 2003

Naturalistic Science Fiction. This mission statement for the new Battlestar Galactica mini-series sounds awfully familiar.

[ edited by Vamp_Insurance on 2003-01-12 00:47 ]

"Through the extensive use of hand-held cameras, practical lighting, and functional set design, the battlestar Galactica will feel on every level like a real place."

"Our spaceships don't make noise because there is no noise in space."

"Our characters are not super-heroes. They are not an elite. They are everyday people caught up in a enormous cataclysm and trying to survive it as best they can."

Has Ron Moore been watching Firefly?

However, there will still be Cylons.
And a female Starbuck hmmmmmm not sure about that. Still anything is better than Galactica '80 *shudders*.

[ edited by Simon on 2003-01-12 00:54 ]
Man, that thing reads like the Communist Manifesto. Will someone remove the stick from that guy's butt.

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