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April 27 2005

Alyson Hannigan says three "American Pie" movies were enough. She also comments on her recently shot CBS pilot.

Hell, one American Pie film was enough. Actually that was too much. I never watched the American Pie franchise because the trailer for the first one turned me off. I don't care how retarded a person might be, they'd never stick their manhood into a pie. That was insipidly stupid, and I hate films that cater towards stupidity, unless of course they're being ridiculed at the bottom of the screen by a guy in a jumpsuit and his two favorite robots.


I would like to add for no particular reason that I actually watched Veronica Mars again last night because 1) there was literally nothing of merit on against it and 2) I thought Alyson Hannigan might be in this one. She wasn't. It was dreck. I won't make that mistake again. Hannigan or not, that tv series makes "Clueless" look like it had a clue.

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Zachsmind, one was more than enough.
Have to agree, even knowing that Alyson featured in them wasn't enough for me to willing choose to sit through those movies. I suffered half of the first one at the request of a friend but thankfully it had been a long day and i fell asleep. Shame!
Aw, I'm going to stick up for the first American Pie. It was funny and actually had a lot of heart. I think it was instrumental in spearheading the plethora of teen romance comedies that sprung up around then (She's All That for one), but I really liked the first one. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it. It's definitely raunchy, but it's also cute.

I didn't care too much for the second (too much recycling), and the third wasn't very good. So I would say that one was definitely enough. It's pretty good.
I really liked the first AP. I kinda like raunchy teen comedies in general but find fault often because they come off as incredibly mean-spirited towards their own characters. And the Farrelly brothers' movies just rub me the wrong way. But American Pie, IMHO, had a sweetness, even a gentleness (!), about it and about its four male protagonists that was really quite charming. And the transformation of Aly's character from band geek to, well, band geek with dom leanings, was very funny.

OTOH, the second one was completely worthless, tossing all of the charm, keeping all of the bodily functions jokes and redundantly adding more of those, when what succeeded in the first movie was the balance between smut and charm. Didn't consider going to see the third.
I lovw the first 2 American Pie movies. Alyson is hillarious in them although she comes off as a more raunchy version of Willow. The 3rd one would've been better if it focused more on the Bride and Groom in the weddding and less on Sean William Scott.
Though the third headlined Aly, she was shunted to the side and the film actually gave more time to January Jones- pretty, but not anywhere near the same league in acting ability as Aly. Now, why would you pay someone $4mil to have her be the lead, know she can carry the film and then not really use her? Instead, they make it all Stifler, all the time. The one thing about Alyson Hannigan is that when she is on screen, everyone's eyes are on her- she steals every scene she is in. The third really misused her terribly and I am happy to see that Aly has stated that 3 were enough- she knows it is time to move on. I am also exceedingly unhappy that more people know her as Michelle Flaherty than they do as Willow Rosenberg, the role which she simply owned from day one. In fact, I rewatched Dopplegangland last night just to see her masterclass in acting: Willow, VampWillow, Willow as VampWillow and VampWillow as Willow- and each completely different.

As for VM, I love thsi show, and I thought that a lot happened in the show last night- if you do not watch regularly I think you might have a response like Zach did (Zach- hope you don't mind if I disagree with you). But some development was really telling in the show and Veronica's desire to catch the boyfried out with the phone video was a direct result of her own situation at her rape. And the girlfriend's response was much different from what Veronica wants to do. And Aly will be back! Yay!
"I never watched the American Pie franchise because the trailer for the first one turned me off."

Arrrgggg!!!....Sorry, it's just....Saying you hate something without having seen it. So. Annoying. So many people do it. Yes, even if all the gags are well-known and well-spoofed (Hannigan's flute line, for example, or "Say my name, bitch!") and the movie was so hyped and spoiled by the media that you almost feel like you have seen it.

Though I have a strong feeling even if you willingly sat down to watch it, you wouldn't like it. :)

"I don't care how retarded a person might be, they'd never stick their manhood into a pie."

Well not in plain view in the kitchen maybe, but I think you're giving the average teenage boy too much credit, 'cause I have a couple friends who wouldn't surprise me if they revealed they did try to have sex with food. Hell, people use (or at least joke about) whip cream, jello, chocolate, and multitudes of other potentially sensual foods being a part of playful sex and I don't see anything wrong with that. Extending that to solo pleasure doesn't take much of a leap. And in the context of the film, goofy Jim does it because he's never had sex and his friend tells him that good sex is like a warm apple pie. Jim gets home, his parents are out and his mom's left a freshly baked apple pie on the counter for him...curiosity gets the better of him. Wasn't nearly the funniest part of the movie, but I thought it was kinda hilarious in that embarrassed-for-the-character, can't-believe-they-wrote-that kind of humor (I went in unspoiled to a free premiere screening).

One American Pie was definitely enough though. They could've done better with the sequels, but it probably would've been better if they'd never attempted them at all. And I hated how much Sean William Scott's character took over the last one...makes me a bit scared for Southland Tales, much as I kinda like the actor.

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I'm sure I read someone did stick their manhood in a pie, and not your regular home made one like Jim does in the movie, but one as those piping hot McDonalds ones, can't have been fun.

I liked American Pie, preferred American Pie 2, and I didn't hate American Wedding, despite the fact that it really did feel like they were considering giving Stiffler a spin-off movie, and Alyson wasn't in it nearly enough considering it was her and Jason Biggs' movie. No interest in seeing American Pie: Band Camp though, none at all.
How do you stick it in a McDonalds pie? Those things are tiny..Uh, never mind.
Seeing as how the thread has unexpectedly taken a Veronica Mars turn i may as well take the opportunity to ask if anyone here happens to know if, where and when the series will be shown here in the UK. I don't recall hearing anything about it as of yet.
I have never seen this Veronica Mars. (guess it's not on in the states) but I will be glad to see Aly back on screen again and I hope things work out for her.
Jossfan_21, Veronica Mars airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on UPN in the States.
I think I heard something about Sky One and Veronica Mars, not sure though, well worth checking out whenever it does start though.
I would advise checking out news archives at to see if/when VM will be shown in the uk.
The Watcher: I was previewing and your response popped up; you beat me to it! ;)

Jossfan_21, if you don't have UPN (in your area), it might be a little difficult to catch (for now).
Hmmm. Funny, last night's episode of Veronica Mars made me like the show much more than I have. It started to click for me. As has been stated here before, it does need a few shows to get an understanding of the characters and relationships in order to get the impact of what is going on. There is some nice depth there.

Is AH due to be on again this season? I did not think so.
Psh, Veronica Mars is my new crack. I am addicted.

And also? It's my birthday.
According to an informed source on Digtal Spy Sky had the option on Vericona Mars and passed on it.They don't know if anyone has picked it up at this point in time
I'm not too surprised that Sky passed on it. From all i've been hearing about the show it sounds more like something E4 or Living would want to get a hold of.

It's possible that now a second season has been assured there may be a little more interest in getting hold of the series. Just have to wait and see, i guess.
I am in total agreement with SNT on American Pie. The first one seemed to have an undercurrent of almost whimsy about it. It was juvenile, but it had a love and respect for its characters thats often missing. The secind one threw that out the window and the third followed suit.

While VM isn't Buffy, I have to say I am quite taken with it.

Saying Clueless is smarter than Veronica Mars ... I don't really know what to say. That's akin to saying Buffy is Charmed without the charm. :0

I saw Aly's both appearance in VM, and to be honest, I'm underwhelmed. Maybe it's the character, or the way it's written, but at this point, I don't really care if she's in Season 2.

Are Joss & Crew the only people who can fully utilize Aly?
I wrote in to UPN a few weeks ago to say that I like VM and ANTM and that I wouldn't be watching these shows now if I hadn't discovered Buffy s6 on their network. I then suggested they check into a new 'verse show.

I didn't expect anything to come of this, but I received a really nice email from UPN this week saying:

"Thanks for writing to UPN. We're very pleased to read how much you enjoy watching "Veronica Mars."

"UPN Listens. You asked for it, and you got it! "Veronica Mars" has been picked up for a second season. We've done our part, now do yours. Get everybody to watch the final two episodes of the first season! They will unlock the secrets that have been with the show since the very beginning."

And before you say it, yes I realize this is a form letter that was mass-mailed to everyone using the feedback form. But it says something to me about UPN not wanting to have the reputation that FOX is getting as a result of their utter stupidity over the past few seasons.

And no, I don't expect them to respond about the 'verse suggestion. But I wonder what would happen if they received a bunch of emails that all said the same thing? Hmmm.

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