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April 27 2005

Anthony Head's auctions benefiting the Mayhew Animal Home, Julie's Trust, and SHADA. It will begin at 4pm on Sunday 1st May and bidding will close at 4pm on Saturday 21st May 2005.

How perfect can a guy get, having an auction for cute fluffy animals. There isn't anything there I'm tempted to bid on, however, though the pictures of Alexis and Tony are quite yummy.
If he wanted to get more perfect he could have a benefit auction for the victims of Reavers. /runs back to the Firefly threads cackling all the way. In all seriousness, this is very cool of him, plus SHADA makes me think of Doctor Who. Geeky? Me? Heavens no, dears, perish the thought.
I totally killed the comment thread. /cry
No, I'm the notorious thread killer! May all lesser thread killers bow before me! Mwa ha ha ha…

Sorry, had a Xander moment.

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