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April 27 2005

Vote for favourite trailer. Vote for Serenity, Batman Begins, Must Love Dogs or Manderlay.

You can only vote once so we can't be accused of stuffing the ballot box. It is on the bottom of the page.

What's with the "If you're nerdy enough (are ya, punk? huh?), you have our permission to watch the Serenity trailer." Huh? Batman, on the other hand, gets the fawning, gushing treatment. Annoying.
Terribly annoying, indeed.
Annoying indeed. Anywhos,

Batman: 58 %
Serenity: 39 %
I don't even know what Manderlay and Must Love Dogs yeah, voted for Serenity. Anyone else think its neat that Serenity actually has a big chunk of the vote instead of being at like 3 percent while Batman has like 80 something? That shows theres alot of us(regardless of if the non-fans liked the trailer. like it was pointed out, you can't vote more than once.)
Oh, but you can. Just hit that magic "clear cookies" button, and you can vote over and over again...

...not that I endorse such unethical behavior in any way, of course.

Edit: maybe not. I can't tell if they're using IP addresses to track. Oh well. Still shows there are a lot of flans around.

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Well damn. I go for a few minutes, return and Serenity is kicking 'Batmans ass'. Go us

Serenity 50 %
Batman : 47 %
Serenity 54%, BB 44%...
Serenity 56, Batman 42
cool :) good to see so many votes for it before the big fuzzy Whedonesque invasion. And cool that there is mention of Saw2, as Saw was one of the best horror flicks I've seen in a long time.
I haven't even heard of Manderlay or Must Love Dogs, and visuals of Batman have always troubled me, so Serenity by default. Admittedly, I would have chosen it no matter what the other options were.

Edited because the evil keyboard slipped a few typos in.

[ edited by Amy Lee on 2005-04-28 00:20 ]
Actually I found Batman the least appealing of the four. I don't know what that says about me exactly.

What was the deal with the nerd comment. Can anybody translate? I know there is more to it than a straight out putdown, but I am just not getting it.
I have never met a site I have respected. Idiots. Anyways, I'd choose Captain Tightpants over RubberUndieMan anyday!
I don't think it was a straight put down at all. Joss fans tend to be geekier than anyone, which I think is fantastic. If they meant it as any kind of put down, well, I find that it fails to bother me in the least, given the source.
Of course, I voted for Serenity in this meaningless (as are most) polls. Mmm...salty Firefly goodness indeed. But as a girl who's usual movie tastes lean more towards Dangerous Liasons, Spinal Tap, and Waking Ned Divine, I have to say, *ducks* I found the Batman Begins trailer quite intriguing.

Look, it's like, sure, Serenity is my soulmate, and all that crap. But that guy with the great chest walking past the restaurant during our romantic anniversary dinner -- the one with the funny, pointy, black ears...a simple double-take to catch the rear view as he strides past isn't cheating, right? It's okay to look, right Joss?
Serenity, of course.
Man, Batman Begins trailers just makes me go yawn. And I'm a huge DC Comics Characters fan, and I'm a big fan of Chris Nolan movies.....
They want me to choose between Christopher Nolan doing Batman and The Joss doing a Firefly movie? Bastards!
63-35 for Serenity right now...trending in the right direction, with the other 2 trailers getting the remaining 2 percent.

And, I may be any number of unpleasant and/or unlikeable things, but one thing I most assuredly am not is a nerd.

Annoying, indeed.
While the Batman Begins trailer was very impressive, I had to go with Serenity for some reason. :)
" and all that crap" -barest_smidgen

HAHA! Best laugh all day, thanks :)

(edited to fix that I was lazy and couldn't remember what the class for the quote div was. Horribly obvious upon reflection, much embarrassed.)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-28 02:11 ]
Happy to oblige, zeitgeist. As a newbie to the boards, i live to serve. (And to giggle like a schoolgirl when a vet is right pleased with my offering.)

So, like, this probably means we're gonna get married and you're gonna wanna invite me to the BDM screening, what with that extra ticket, and all...?

mwah ha ha
Of course, darling, but I'm going to the one in Chicago :o)
Ok, that was fun. Serenity 66, Batman 32.
When you can't run anymore, you crawl, and when you can't do that... well, you get your flight attendant friend to give you a buddy pass to OHare.
Ah, very very crafty! I must now retreat to my not at all secret, definitely not underground, non-bunker to ponder our entwined destiny. Yes, indeed... :)
Serenity is up to 68%, way ahead of Batman.

Trying not to pout endlessly over the sold out screenings. Failing miserably.
Serenity 68%
Batman Begins 30%

Less than 1300 votes though. You'd think an ABC affiliated website would have better numbers. This poll means nothing of course, but I'm hopeful that this is indicative of what we BrownCoats can do between now and September. I'm considering checking out thrift stores in the area and see if I can find myself a used but cool looking brown coat that'd fit me, and some tight pants. Then, when I go see other films this summer, I could go in dressed up like Malcolm Reynolds. Of course, I don't look anything like Nathan Fillion. I look more like Silent Bob. So if I did this and I were the only one, I'd look pretty much the girlfriendless geek. However, if we could get all us Firefly fans to dress up like characters from the show...? ...We'd all look like dateless geeks. Okay forget it. Never mind.
If Universal would just make up t-shirts with that awesome symbol on the front and Serenity written over it like in the trailer and had it available now we could all buy it and wear them everywhere we go! We could all be walking billboards for the next five months!!

So Joss, if you're lurking, please let Universal know that we are ready to spend oodles of money right now for the priviledge of wearing a Serenity T-shirt, jacket, baseball cap, etc!!

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-04-28 04:54 ]

Chicken!?! No no no. Not at all :) Hey is this some Yo-Saff-Bridge-esque ploy to charm one of my tickets out of me?

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-28 05:17 ]
Zeitgeist, I'm charming and cute in a nerdy kind of way (I can admit it). I'll take one of your Chicago tickets off of ya. Come on, be a pal. I'm sure my friend barest_smidgen wouldn't mind if you give me that ticket. Hubby will go drink coffee while we dive into all that is Joss.
I didn't even realize that was a Disney/ABC owned site. Pretty cool to see the trailer getting facetime there then.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-04-28 08:13 ]
Serenity 70%
Batman 29%

Votes: 1,524

Ummm, no contest?
Ahh, zeitgeist. Sad to say, guilty, as charged. I saw an opening in your earlier amusement, and went after it like a hungry stray. Ticket whoring, me.

Alas, should you actually have that extra ticket to the Chicago screening, you should probably take Harm. From what I can tell, she's much less manipulative and eeevil than I -- came out and asked you directly, even. That's a good woman.

Send me a postcard, Harm?
Serenity 73% !!!!
Does it actually suprise you??

Now THAT is a landslide......
Hmm back down to 71% against 28% 1656 votes. I, of course, added my vote for Serenity.
Serenity 72%, Batman 27%.

But only 1,728 votes, so I'm wondering is anyone voting besides us?
barest_smidgen -- :) all in good fun. cheers
holding at Serenity 72%, Batman 27%
i'm still peeved there wasn't a preview in Toronto
but I ♥LOVE♥ the t-shirt idea

BTW: just showed the trailer to an SF fan who has never been into Joss. He laughed and grinned in all the right places and looked intrigued....

I am recruiting!

[ edited by redfern on 2005-04-28 17:06 ]

[ edited by redfern on 2005-04-28 17:06 ]
TV shirts seem like a nice idea. I think however if all the big Serenity fans wore clothes like some of the characters from Firefly it would be amazing. Tight pants and long brown coats, holsters, or Preacher's clothes, or Companion clothes, or sterile blue gloves. Perhaps even the most daring ladies could go for giant ruffled Kaylee "Shindig" dresses?

I am just going to talk about Serenity so much to everyone I can.
I have a Serenity t-shirt..."Space Pirates on the Run"...and a Blue Sun t-shirt...and have on order a Canton Mud Farms baseball jersey...can't wait to explain that to everybody!
I would love to go in a Kaylee bell dress! Might have some trouble sitting down in the theatre seats though..... I notice that Adam makes a point of wearing a (fan given?) Serenity shirt every time he goes to a con.And he seems to have lots of them. Me? I'm painting some. Don't want to break copyright;-)
Have a Blue Sun Logo shirt here as well. May have to borrow a friend's long leather coat that would fit perfectly into the FF 'verse.
Man!!! What are these TV executive people? Are they crazy or something else? Here in Brazil we didn't have the chance to see Firefly, but... I just loved the trailer... it's way better than BB... and it's under my skin right now.

Too curious... Too curious... Too curious....

And they cancelled the serie!!!! Can't understand!!!!

Just waiting... Just waiting... Just waiting

It's better SW III be really good... because this Serenity is just a champion...

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