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April 28 2005

Screening of almost finished Serenity in Oz. It's a 4.5 star review by a guy who says his high expectations were far exceeded. Absolutely no spoilers.

Nixygirl's reviewed the screening at Flickr. With spoilers.

(For the record her frontpage post was deleted because it was a self link.)
Instead of starting new thread, for report from, I thought I'd throw the link here to the web site.

It's an enthusiastic promo for Serenity with a link to the trailer site, which is somewhat out of character, I think, for these *good* guys. Show them some love, Whedonesqueteers.
Good review, but goddammit I hate aintitcool talk back threads to any post related to Joss in some way.
So true Ghost Spike, there is some serious Joss-hate on AICN
There's some serious everything-hate on AICN, I think it's the biggest collection of trolls on the internet and always advise people against reading the talk back - unless they want to get their blood boiling of course.
Good advice, Paul_Rocks. It's Troll Central.
Sigh, yes. Everytime I can't resist at least a quick peek at the talkbacks and every time I feel like I need a shower afterwards. Troll central alright. I don't know how Harry, Herc, Moriarty et al deal with it on a daily basis.

What I don't get is, if you hate Joss, and hate the gushing of his fans, why even post in a Joss thread then? Why even go there at all? Every single time? If I hate someone's work I'm just not going to those threads am I?

Anyway, sometimes people sending in reviews of pre-screenings will be fans, yes. I'm sure a couple of Star Wars fans will send in reviews of RotS too. Or are we now only supposed to post reviews of people who hate certain movies? Ridiculous. If non-fan reviews of Serenity come in, Herc will post them as well.
I think Harry, Herc, Moriary and friends deal with the rampant troll problem by ignoring it. Its almost as bad as over at imdb where trolling isn't something you do, its the ONLY thing you do. There are people over there who do nothing BUT troll other areas. One of them was a friend of mine who trolled in such a way as to make it 100% obvious (or so I thought). He claimed to be a film studies prof, a director, a producer, a video store owner. It took him claiming to be all of these things plus a couple of others in the same thread for people to realize he was trolling. And they still continued to 'feed' him. Hard as it is to resist doing so, not feeding them is the only way there is a chance that they will go away. They are just bored and looking for any kind of attention they can get.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-28 17:35 ]
I agree that trolling is best dealt with by not responding. Trolling is bloody unfortunate and kinda bizarre - if someone pulled that crap in actual face-to-face encounters, there'd be fisticuffs. The internet is a wonderful place for self-expression when it's positive or constructively, sanely negative but trolling? Low behavior, in my opinion. One of the many reasons I love Whedonesque so much is the near absence of trolls. There have been one or two who've sneaked in but they're rapidly dealt with. Pow! Zap! Buh-bye, sucka! Love that.
Oh yeah? Well I think all you Wheldon-loving freaks are all, like, stoopid or something. B/c he sux the BIG one . . . and your mother smelled of elderberries . . . or something.

I think I'm beginning to see the attraction in trolling.

Indeed, the occasional peek (through one's fingers) at the AICN talkbacks is, as EdD implied, just like working out - first, the making of a fist, then the blood racing, the gasping for air, the sweat, followed by the need for a ciggie, and a shower. Hmm. In fact, I'm going to start peeking three or four times a day. ;)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for validating everthing I feel about Herc's talkbacks. I used to go there a lot but now I refuse due to the constant trashing (or trolling). You guys are great and I love being part of this community!!
I'd prefer it if we didn't comment on posters at other sites.

In other news, I'm thinking of doing two threads for May 5th. One for spoiler free reviews, the other for spoilerish reviews (but no major spoilers i.e. Mal and Jayne kiss).
"I'd prefer it if we didn't comment on posters at other sites."

Ah, yes. Another reason why Whedonesque rules. Sorry, Simon. As for Herc et al., they have provided such great Whedon-related info and support over the years. Good people, IMO.

Please do two threads for May 8th! Please. If Mal and Jayne kiss in Serenity I don't wish to be spoiled for the Big Moment (heh) but I'm crazy to read non-huge-spoiler reviews of the screening.
I'm confused by the Joss hate. But I liked this review, because I've been worried myself lately about whether the movie could possibly live up to my expectations. It's been more than a year of hype and waiting and excitement, and how could any 2 hours of film possibly live up to that? And I really didn't want to be disappointed, like with the last Harry Potter book, which totally let me down. But I gotta say, I've got more faith in the genius of Joss than J.K. Rowling. And this guy loved it, and he's been through the same hype as the rest of us, and that reassured me.
I'm sorry Simon won't happen again, just wanted to express my love for this community, thanks for keeping it in line.
No worrys, Caroline. I was a little out of it, tired and medicated waiting for the plane. Now I am relaxed and as excited as ever. The marketing session was outstanding. They were all surprised at our reaction to the movie, and you could see the faces of the marketing people lighting up as we talked about our ideas on how to get it out there, spread the word so to speak. We got a personal message from Joss before the screening, with appologies about it being a rough cut, blah, blah, blah. Also that there would possibly be some things removed from it. The first explosion in space with no sound you could feel the whole place just go yessss. I think we have a winner here! Was a fantastic movie, even the marketing people who had never heard of Firefly absolutely loved it. We all went out for dinner afterwards and had a blast.
Yeah there's better stuff to talk about than trolls. So a spoiler review thread and a non-spoiler one? Hmmm which one should I write.... Ah probably spoiler-free. I honestly wouldn't know what would be okay to spoil and what not.

"And then at the end, right before Jayne and Zoey have sex, Simon turns out to be Niska in disguise and River blows Mal's brains out...."

I'd not make friends.....
Heh heh, yea that was my favorite bit in the movie!! ;)
I didn't put too many spoilers in my review, not the big stuff, actually on a second read there were a very few spoilers. But there were a little few. Did anyone here get any of the sneak peak tickets for the 10 screenings in America?
"Did anyone here get any of the sneak peak tickets for the 10 screenings in America? "

Yep! We're going to drive out to Vegas fer this puppy next week! We bought the tickets before we even knew we could make it out there somehow! Good thing too because if we'd waited it would've been sold out! Can't wait! You saw it Down Unda I take it?
Man you will NOT be dissapointed !!!!!
It has to be one of the best movies I have seen in a while!

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