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April 28 2005

Firefly and Wonderfalls Back On FOX this Sunday!!!!!! the form of a reference in the season premiere of Family Guy.

- tune in, it's in the first minute!

I've pointed your link to the Family Guy site at Fox, if anyone is interested The Hollywood Reporter has a review of the episode.
Yeah I heard about this on another board, I can't wait. Much love to Seth Green, Macfarlene and all the FG peeps.
The first minute of the new episode says everything about Fox.
They will probably let just enough episodes run until they can fill a new DVD sale, and then cancel it.
I read that Fox has committed to only airing 13 episodes but they are producing more than double that.
I heard that Fox can't cancel it for at least 2 years, as Seth MacFarlane refused to sign for anything less. I think they're currently producing 38 episodes.

Though nothing would surprise me from Fox, they really would look stupid to go to all the trouble of bringing back a cancelled show, only to cancel it again a few months later.

Great episode, the opening minute and the trailer for Passion of the Christ 2 are particularly good.
Man, way to go with the misleading subject lines. :}
Just finished watching Wonderfalls on DVD for the first time, spurred on by the mentions heard here at Whedonesque. I miss it already...

Why, oh why, do you keep taking the sky (and the squooshed souvenir lion that talks) from me?
Can I just say that one of the most satisfying parts of the Serenity trailer was the complete absence of any reference to Twentieth Century Fox?
I'm amused by Family Guy, but I don't really watch it. WFalls on the other hand I miss terribly. Though it started off well enough, it grew over the course of the series to something so much better and I am sad that we will never get to see where Seasons two and onward would take Jaye and friends... though Fuller says Season Three would have started with Jaye getting put in an institution. Bet she wouldn't have let a demon try to kill her friends, though. See? References a-plenty!

p.s. you are going to the special hell for your title for this post, the SPECIAL hell :P

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Speaking of "Firefly back on Fox," answer me this: if Fox still has TV rights to our little band of outlaws with the big guns, could they conceivably work the reruns back into summer programming, or late autumn, should the movie buzz, or movie itself prove too big to ignore?

(despite my hopeful tone, I'm hoping the answer is no. i wish that they not profit further.)
Family Guy is hilarious, and the first new episode is funny. I recommend watching it.

In the first minute, as Peter runs down all the cancelled shows from the past few years on Fox, he also mentioned Greg The Bunny. It was Seth Green's sitcom with puppets.

Just as a point of interest.
barest_smidgen -- I was half-expecting that from the thread title.

Gonnas -- I work with a guy that people constantly compare to Peter, down to the way he looks. Scary, no?
I don't think that rerunning the series would help Fox now that the DVDs are out. It'd be better business to let new Serenity fans rush out and buy Firefly on DVD.

As for the return of Family Guy, I'm quite excited. It's nice to see a great show actually get resurrected.
Hopefully Universal owns the rights to the Firefly episodes now, taken away from Fox? Since Universal also owns the "Sci Fi channel" it's a perfect match (hint: air the series over the summer before the movie?!)
I think when Universal bought Firefly off of Fox, Fox refused to let go of the rights to the television series, which they have for another 8/9 years.
Which makes one wonder why would they do that? If they're not gonna show it, why not sell it to someone who will. I mean, why not make money on it and let us fans have someone who will show the shows rather than just sit on them and make nothing?
Maybe they'd have lost some of the DVD money if they'd sold the TV rights.

Either that or Fox are just evil, and like their cancelled shows to stay cancelled, just like how they b*ggered around with the second season of Tru Calling so much that it made it difficult for the show to be shopped around.

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Which makes one wonder why would they do that?

Just hazarding a guess: Because they're mean and they suck?
No one seriously tried to buy the TV rights off them. Universal wasn't interested for obvious reasons, the big TV networks didn't bite, and the SFC bizarrely claimed that Firefly was too science-fictiony for them.
Plus, if "Firefly" took off on another network, we'd be able to rub it in their faces.

You know they are losing sleep over that.

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