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April 29 2005

Serenity the Trailer: Now in Jumbo Size! With Apple's new version of Quicktime comes a shiny new version of the Serenity trailer. Beware 108 MB download. Seems like it's for Mac users only, until Quicktime update for Windows becomes available.

Now you can see Nathan Fillion's nosehairs up close and personal!

Wowzers - no windows player though, only for mac folks? - will have to look around for a technical solution to this, I have some H.264 codecs somewhere...
direct download
Not available for windows, b*llox, after I use up a nearly 10% of my weekend download limit to download the trailer.
I read somewhere that the Windows version of Quicktime will be available soon, not sure how soon though.

Meant to say the Windows update*

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VLC plays it -- VLC for Windows

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-29 20:46 ]
VLC isn't playing it here, attempting to crashes the program.
Crap - I'm home on my dialup. No chance to see this version before Monday morning....
My PC canīt play it, not even when the Windows version will be available.
But i will save it like gold :D
108 megabytes? Bloody hell. Hopefully Quicktime 7 for Windows will come sooner rather than later.
Maybe you should all just buy a Mac. Willow used Macs and she was pretty smart.
Funnily, I had just downloaded the high-def (1920x816!) Serenity trailer just after my iBook installed Quicktime 7-- and was about to note its existence here just as the link appeared.


Unfortunately, it looks like the H.264 codec requires some heavy-duty processing power. My iBook has a 1.07Ghz G4 with 768MB-- and still can't decode the trailer fast enough to output it smoothly. It's like one frame every second. Perhaps it will be better under the new Mac OS release "Tiger."

VLC does attempt to play it, but chokes on it and crashes on both my Mac and PC. I've yet to find an available H.264 for Windows that can handle it.

Anyone have better luck?
HAHAHA, finally us mac users get something shiny before you guys! In retrospect, that was pretty mean. It's just that something like this doesn't happen too often with non-Apple products.

Oh, it plays on VLC for windows huh? That's pretty cool... I guess.

By the way, even mac users should fetch VLC ( It's a groovy media player that will play mostly everything.

Then you got mplayer for OS X ( It plays stuff too.

It's good to have both of these programs available. They play WM* files and all sorts of other stuff that quicktime doesn't play (.ogm for example)

OOOO yeah, tiger today, thanks for reminding me SaveAngel

[ edited by Caleb on 2005-04-29 21:39 ]
There is supposedly at least one person on the browncoats forum who has run it on windows but it's still a mystery to me, no matter how I tinker.

zeitgeist are you guessing or know for sure from playing it yourself on windows? Because my vlc will not play it 8.0 or 8.1 and I have three kinds of h.264 codecs installed... I can tell you what to do to help if you are actually playing it on windows...
I have played it on windows here is the thing tho (very odd I know) -- when I opened VLC and then browsed to the file it crashed it. When I right clicked on the file and chose Open With > VLC it opened.

Edit -- Odd, I played it twice earlier today and now it crashes VLC every time. Will tinker and see what I come up with.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-29 22:08 ]
"HAHAHA, finally us mac users get something shiny before you guys! In retrospect, that was pretty mean. It's just that something like this doesn't happen too often with non-Apple products."

I've been thinking the same thing for the past couple of days! It's kind of like revenge! ;-)

BTW: We saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today, and there was no trailer for Serenity before it (as has been rumored on various message boards).
I think it's safe to say that it's not a coincidence that this version of the trailer and Tiger (with QuickTime 7) are both out today.
Really, I wouldn't mess with everyone's head like that.

But it's not pretty - ugly slow on this 3ghz athlon XP.
Only suitable for really patient people wanting to do hires screencaps. I will have to tinker with it, or export it to another format.

For those that know what they are doing and want to try it themselves, I used a windows port of Mplayer which can seperate the h.264 and aac streams and then decode them and playback. But it's too slow for now. See bottom of the page here for files and codecs:

They are using ffdshow's h.264 implementation which is not the best.
It may explain how one or two other people were reporting it running on windows - they must be using a very beta ffdshow build (guessing).

I've got to go do real work now, but this will at least get some screenshots for some windows folks.
I was gonna transcode it just to annoy the Mac folks, but I'm gonna be good (largely because I'm at work eheh).
I can't wait to view this trailer on one of the 30" HD Cinema Displays at the local Apple Store this weekend! :)
Can't wait to watch it on my 50" DLP :P
Ha ha, dammit, you have me beat. So... can I come over? Heh.
BlindHawkeyes, thank you so much. Awesome detail with this cut.
Because I haven't ever teased ringworm:

Maybe you should all just buy a Mac. Willow used Macs and she was pretty smart.

...and Warren breathed oxygen and he was pretty evil. Yet, I will still breathe oxygen :)
Macs are evil. Only one mouse button? What's THAT all about?

If God had meant us to have stable computers He wouldn't have given us Ctrl: Alt: Del:

Willow DID have a Mac, but look what happened with Morloch! If she'd had a PC he would have crashed long before he could have tried to take over the world!
BTW, it's interesting to note that the Apple QuickTime trailer link for Serenity is at the top of the Daypop list at #1!
Although if she'd had one of the new iMacs instead of a Powerbook, half the screen wouldn't work and the capacitors would all have popped by now (and fans blown and midplanes and power supplies blown). They need to get their act together with hardware quality.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-30 04:25 ]
that strange anime-like scene @ 1920x816

More hi-def screencaps now available on the Flickr annex.

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-04-30 10:07 ]
zz9 Thanks for you Mac PC post - I enjoyed it so much I laughed out loud!
I have made a super high quality conversion of the 1280x544 version
into xvid+mp3 so it can play on any reasonably fast Windows PC.

download via bittorrent (80 megs)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2005-04-30 17:49 ]
zz9, I'm giggling, too. Thanks for that.
Awesome TaraLivesOn, now I can burn it onto a CD and watch it on TV, repeatedly.
Thanks for the Mac comments. Next time anyone starts telling you what a genius Steve Jobs is reming them the the first Mac HE designed he deliberatly didn't put any network connection in there. He wanted computers to be stand alone and never talk to other computers. I guess he didn't see the internet coming!
Despite the fact that all of your comments about Macs are either straw men or fallacious, they certainly are amusing if you approach the topic from a position of ignorance.

I will grant you that I am far less interested in the topic of the quality of Apple hardware, and far more interested in Apple software and that Apple seems to be able to bring to market OS features years ahead of Microsoft and actually manage to make old hardware run faster with new versions. So it'll come to no surprise that I have very little concern about blown capacitors or fans that occur in less than 1% of Macs.
Oops, misinterpreted your post and giggled wrongly, zz9. I thought you were being cunning and subversive in a pro-Mac way, not a pro-PC way. Ah well. I have zero wish to become embroiled in the Mac-PC wars. All I'll say is that I've been using Macs for 20 years and I've never had a moment's trouble with them. Love them to death. So I won't join in on Mac-bashing. I retract my earlier giggle.

If you love your PC, that's great. But let me love my Mac without bashing me. Heck, you PC folks are part of, what, 95% of the world? Why bother with us little ol' Mac people? Luxuriate in your world domination!
For the record my post wasn't Mac bashing, I'm just disgruntled with Apple right now. They have good stuff but they are slipping on the quality and customer service side right now :(
I'v been very happy with my PC. Only problems I've had with it are either operator error or a bugged third-party program. I have a hard time seeing how Mac features could possibly outweigh the difference in the amount of third-party support, but computers are like sports teams: you're a fan of what you grew up with. Some people just happened to grow up with the losing team :p
Edited out a retort because I no longer give a damn. I wish someone who's seen the trailer - you know, the topic of the thread - would talk more about it instead of folks sticking out tongues via emoticons.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2005-05-01 03:46 ]
Wow, that trailer - isn't it great? :)
It sure is, Paul_Rocks. :) My question: okay, we've now got the jumbo sized computer version of the trailer, but when is it going to show up on the silver screen??? Reports have been coming in that it's not showing with HGTTG in many places, if anywhere. Huh. Maybe Universal is going to tweak the trailer we've seen online before showing it on the big screen. Maybe Universal has gone totally mad for showing previews, then tweaking, then more previews, then tweaking, then finally debuting.
I went to see HGTTG today, and I even called ahead to find out if they were showing the Serenity Trailer. The lady said they were showing it and even gave me specific times. So I went and no trailer. Damn it.
Yep, saw HGTTG as well, no Serenity, though a lot of kiddie film trailers.
Maybe they decided HGTTG wouldn't get so many viewers... or something.
Yeah, what's up with that? My friend and I started chanting "Serenity! Serenity!" before every trailer, and it never showed. Anyone know what movie it's really going to be attached to?

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