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April 29 2005

Sideshow does Subway Spike. 12" figure of Spike when he killed his second Slayer.

You gotta love the safety pins.

Must resist urge to buy ... resist ... who's there? Excuse me, someone from the Borg is at my door.
Does he come with assorted loaves of bread and "sandwich artist" pin? Wait, what?
Bwahaha! Subway Spike. Now that's a disturbing image, Jack.
Me like!! He'll look great with my other figures!! I was hoping for Giles as the next release but he'll do!
Want. Take. Have.
Hmmmm. Am I the only one who thinks the teeth look wrong?
School Hard Sideshow Spike is perfect. This one I'm not so sure.
That's because you never see Spike's teeth. (Well, apart from the fangs, natch).
Considering that the figures are 12" tall and that you won't be really getting such an up close look at Spike's teeth (unless you want to use a magnifying glass) the teeth look great. Someone on another website thought the lines painted between the teeth looked too thick. Again, 12" figure, won't be seeing it that close up in real life. And even with the upclose look, I think the teeth look very much like James Marsters when he's made expressions like that as Spike. I'm psyched that we are getting a Spike figure that has a non vamp face but with a fighting look to his face. Plus it will be nice to have a different outfit for a change too. I'm assumming he may also come with the long, leather coat as the exclusive this time because he's not shown wearing it but I'm happy about the blue jeans and the different top. I'm very pleased with this figure.
it looks great but WHY do we need another spike! i want Giles, Cordelia, Anya!! they are far more important to me than more variants.

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