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January 11 2003

"Ack! Vampire!" *Stake* "Whew." Leoffonline's "Abridged Buffy" summarizes the first season plus two episodes of season two in a way that's almost as mesmerizing as Basho. Each scene is capsulized in a witty sentence of dialogue. "Ack! Multiple Vampires!" *stake stake stake* "Whew."

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Some of these summarized lines of dialogue are priceless.
"Take that, Praying Mantis Teacher!" *stab stab*
ROTFLMAO! Shame he stopped after Some Assembly Required.

I figured most everybody knows about Leoff's WildFeed page, but I don't know how many explore other parts of his site. Many probably just go straight to the feed link. =) There's a lot more there that's just as fun.

Leoff's really nice, he'll be very pleased that you liked his summaries :). And they are very funny indeed.
Funny stuff... especially if you read it out loud in cheap kung fu movie voice-over style. Ha-ha!

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