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April 29 2005

Best Buy to Release Exclusive "Tru Calling: Season 2" and "Best of Spike" DVD Sets. From The Futon Critic. You can order them online now from Best Buy's website.

Great! More stuff to add to my shopping list.
I am getting to the point where I can't keep up with all the releases! That's a good thing...but man, I have a big list too.
Speaking of Best Buy, I did my part today and bought Firefly there for my Mom for Mother's Day. She'll love it. Anyway, Firefly wasn't in its normal spot on the shelf, because of course I know where that is. I got a bit panicky but was politely redirected to the new "Best of Fox on DVD" section. Figures.
When I was there today, it wasn't in its normal spot, either, it was in the Best Sellers thing on the main aisle. Woohoo!
$29.99 is a bit too expensive for only 6 episodes. IMO, anyway.
Yeah it is electricspacegirl. I'll still buy it though. Out of the five that aired in the U.S, I liked them and I loved Tru Calling.
I imagine the "BEST OF SPIKE" is the one released earlier R2?
I thought those "best of"'s that were released here last year had since been released on R1.

Tru, while not being as cheap as 6 episodes should be, isn't overly expensive (especially not when compared to some R2 box sets, eg: 13 episodes of Doctor Who for an RRP of 69.99 come November), so It'll probably be one of the many DVDs I put in my basket next time I go to BestBuy. Hope it has some bonus features, something telling us how it would have ended would be nice, seeing as I don't think this show will pull a Family Guy, or a Firefly, or even a Farscape. Shame it took them nearly a whole season to get it right, but you just know that if it had been good from the beginning Fox would have killed it within weeks of it's first airing.
It should also be noted that Krista Vernoff, former Wonderfalls scribe, has signed a deal for Touchstone. Good for her!
I thought those "best of"'s that were released here last year had since been released on R1.

Nope, to my knowledge this "Best of Spike" is the first of that series to make it over to this side of the pond.
Hmm, I wonder if Fox is testing the waters to see how well the Spike sets sell. If they sell well enough maybe they'll back a Spike movie for tv or direct to dvd themselves. Just speculation on my part but could that be a possibility?
or maybe theyre considering releasing the Best of DVDs over in the US too
Firefly Flanatic, I don't believe Fox is testing the waters here, just another character based DVD release. But, I'm sure there'll be several eyes on that topic if the Spike DVD sets sells in record numbers. It's very possible, time will tell.

Congratuations to the 'Tru Calling' fans for getting the full second season release on DVD. But I partiality question the way Fox handled this matter. "TC has been renewed for a second season. Oh wait, no it hasn't. But we've six episodes in the can you'll never see. OK, we'll show them, up to episode five. Not to worry, you can buy the full 6 episode DVD set for $30.00. See, we care!" Hmmm.
Speaking only for myself, of course, I see no point in getting a "Best of Spike" or "Best of Giles" or "Best of Clem" or any other best of set, seeing as how I already have all the DVD sets...I guess it would be cool to watch School Hard, Pangs, Something Blue, and Fool for Love in rapid succession, but I'm not willing to shell out for it. Also, I have a natural aversion to Best Buy, but that's just me. Much prefer buying via Amazon.
I know the character-centric epis were released in England and that Joss chose the epis for each set. Was there any extra commentary included?
Weeks after Chosen aired, and I was awfully lost when it came to the tube, a friend talked me into giving Charmed a go as a way to fill the void. I tried, but I just couldn't get into the show as a whole. While I applauded the (borrowed) concept, I found the execution a bit pollyanna, and frankly, insipid, for my taste. And yet...yet. The little bits I caught of Julian McMahon's turn on the show during my trial run were darker and angsty and more grown up than the rest. It's possible that, given a big sale, I might consider a "Best of Cole" set. Well, if I really had some money to burn. And no plans to get out of the house. And if I had a really big coupon.

Point being, maybe it like that for half/partial/sorta fans? Or for folks who can't conceive of the large amount of coin it would take to acquire all of the entire series of every show they love/love/love? Maybe it's like that.
No, Reddygirl, there's no extras in these character DVD sets.
New related article: How Exclusive Is Spike? It seems Best Buy isn't the only place where you can order the DVD set. Also, I notice Buffy is mispelled as "Bufy" on the pre-order pages on both Best Buy and Video Universe.

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Excellent on the "Tru" set. I have no interest in owning S1, but the S2 episodes were fantastic, overall. I'd buy it, even if there wasn't an unaired ep on it.
...again on the question of why. Maybe it acts a highlight reel for Spike fans to take their bunks? ;)

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