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April 30 2005

Another Whedon-ite bows at the altar of Serenity. Yet another positive review from the Australia screening, spoiler free.

Good review but I have really got to stop reading those talkback sections! So pointless but it always pisses me off. (note to self - do NOT read AICN talkback EVER AGAIN!)

Back to review - gave a good perspective on the movie (although from a self-described fan) that gives me hope that Serenity really will get out into the wider population.
The best thing about the review (I only scanned some of the more in-depth parts) was that s/he said that "fans are going to go ape for it, no question" because that is what I yearn for, a truly great time at the theater. Something to go ape for -- that lives up to the anticipation. I can't wait for next Thursday.
Very good review. Not just because it was from a fan and was positive without spoiling anything, this was simply very well written and very effectively described the spirit of the movie and it's qualities and why it works as a story and a movie. I wish all those pre-reviews were this eloquent.

I doubt come friday that my review will be as good. It might just be 'Oh MAN that ROCKED!!' typed over and over...

(Btw I've personally learned my lesson and don't even glance at those talkbacks anymore)
I'm really impressed at how careful people are NOT to spoil the movie. This review gave enough new reasons to want to see the movie (as if I didn't have reason enough) without giving anything away.

I wish September would get here soon - though I don't really want to rush summer.

I wish the general release date was sooner so I can have summer and Serenity, too.

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