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May 01 2005

Anthony Head at Collectormania 7. There's only one photo of him but it might still be worth it to browse through the rest, and you can get a copy of the prints, too, if you'd like.

Actually I think it's not the photos from Collectormania that is for sale but the other photos the photographer takes.
Apologies if that's the case, but I thought the if we've managed to snap you in any of the pics bit implied that it was photos from the event.
They cannot sell the photos commercially (ie 8x10) without the permission of the artist and promoter of the event. However since it is a public event they publish the photos to publications and such as part of a story but event them they have to have permission from the promoter to use them. I know a few people, who has sold convention type photos and have been contacted by some of the artist managers to cease their sales or be prepared to be sued.
Alexis was also there, it said! No pics of him, alas. But Tony looked great. Nice place too. Lots of natural light.

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