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May 01 2005

'Spike: Love is Hell' DVD cover art. The fine people at have posted the cover art to the new best-of DVD: "Spike: Love is Hell". Another story questions whether or not the DVD is exclusive to Best Buy.

Um, airbrushed much? He looks twelve. But it's still a shiny cover, even if I never was much of a fan of the season four promotional images of Sarah.
Does anyone know what 4 episodes this will be? Just curious.
Wow, he does look 12!! He could be one of those new, young heart throbs on a Dawson's Creek type of show!! I prefer my vampires with a little bit of wrinkles!!!

Only four episodes in these sets? They could only think of four "best of" episodes with Spike in them?! Seems like a waste of money in my opinion if you already own all the seasons.
Wow, the airbrushing really does look scary. Though I've noticed that seems to be a staple of the Buffy DVD art.

Though it's a waste of money if you already own all the seasons, it's probably a good move to have these DVDs to whet the appetite of new fans who just want to give the show a try before shelling out for the season sets. I was hooked on BtVS from the old VHS sets made up of season highlights, but they don't have an equivalent in a DVD release. A collection like this could be nice from that perspective, as the season sets are a little expensive for a new fan who just wants to try the show out.
If the episodes on this are the same as on the European version, they are:

School hard
Lie to me
Lover's walk
Fool for love
Crappy selection. It should be Lover's Walk, Fool For Love, Crush, and Interventio. Fits the title "love is hell" the best too.

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Holy airbrushing Batman! That's pretty bad. I prefer the Region 2 equivalent.

Ah 20th Century Fox, squeezing as much money out of the franchise as possible.
I agreed with you Simon. In the other photo he look like is a teenager and not the man that he is in plus that a sense
Okay, even William never looked quite that young, let alone Spike! I have to agree that the region 2 cover is far superior.

Maybe wishful thinking but i wonder if Fox will use the sales of this release to gauge the real interest in further televised Spike projects like the telemovie? Hopefully it will sell well regardless.
On the german amazon website, you can get "best of angel" DVDs for Fred, Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn. How come they aren't available on the UK and USA amazons?

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It sounds like a great TV Movie title...

(growly deep American voice)

"And now, HBO presents.....Spike: Love is Hell"

I can hear it now!
Isn't the European release a "Best Of" and not a Spike-love-centric one? I could be horribly misinterpreting things, but if the cover art is Spike/Buffy, and it's titled Love is Hell, I would assume it'll be a different selection of episodes. Personally, I didn't see either School Hard or Lie To Me as being particularly love-based. But, I could be reading it all wrong. It would be cheaper to just repackage the European DVDs...

And what IS up with that airbrushing???
Regardless of what episodes they are...I am going to get these DVDs, once a little more clarification comes out. They are not expensive and if IT DOES HELP GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS THAT SPIKE STUFF SELLS...what the hell? I am all for it. Though it may only be FOX trying to milk every penny from the franchise that they can...I have to hope that maybe they ARE interested in seeing the kind of response they get for more Spike merchandise, and that could lead to more for Spike in the future. At least I'm praying it does. You never know......
Spike loved Dru, too.
I'm thinking like Amy, School Hard or Lie To ME would hardly be considered a "Love is Hell" selection, so this might be a new one all together.

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Right April, so Crush would fit perfectly :)
As would LOVERS WALK..
Wow, James actually looks younger than Sarah in that photo! LOL!
Did the Region 2 "Best of Spike" have a bonus Spike featurette?
Did the Region 2 "Best of Spike" have a bonus Spike featurette?

Yes. And trailers for the AtS and BtVS dvd's.

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