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May 01 2005

Jonathan M. Woodward stars in THE CATARACT! Whedonverse fave Jonathan M. Woodward opens in THE CATARACT on stage! More about the play at the Perishable theatre's site.

THE CATARACT is opening May 4th at the Perishabale Theatre, Providence RI. The runs lasts through June 4th. For info on tickets, go to No word yet on a fan-discount... but a girl can hope :)

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Oh, excellent find. Thank you Parrot! Southwest has tickets to Providence cheap, cheap, cheap from here--maybe I can swing this. Happy morning now :)

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Let me know if you're able to go..a full report would be in order, then! There's also a :30 commercial for the show if you poke around the Perishable website enough :)

BTW-shameless plug--if you are a Jonathan Woodward fan you are invited to join us at for the festitivites....

Thanks to Caroline for cleaning up my post and making it shiny!

Hey all! Aren't you all clever little birds!
Yes! There's a play, a wonderful, little strange piece of fruit that is begging you all to come and see!

My brother, Jeremy Woodward (set designer) called me up on a recent Tuesday and told me that an actor had quit the play he was designing in Providence where he lives. (The dude left rehearsal and didn't come back) They asked me if I would jump in, and I am so happy that I did. We are in previews now and opening night is Wednesday. The play is so good, you guys - I hope lots of folks come to see it. My favorite thing about theatre is that once it's gone, it's gone. You only get one chance to be there. This production is full heart and grace, I think you'll like it.

My thanks to Parrot and Marmoset for spilling the beans! I am working to arrange a discount for fans, but this is an EXTREMELY poor little theatre company and they may need all the help they can get. I will be asking anyway.

Thank you so much & I hope to see you there!

Thanks for letting us know about your play Jonathan.
Sounds great, Jonathan! Wish I could go see it.
Oh, gosh. Embarassing. Please, let's not ask an "EXTREMELY poor little theatre" in Providence for a fan discount. Universal? Sure. FOX? You betcha. But flea market bargaining with the Perishable Theatre in Providence?!? Shame on us. ;) ...but I do know what it's like to feel the pinch. I'll be happy to drive up from NJ, pay full price, and spot someone else a ticket if they're dying to go, but are short on the scratch, or spent it all on a plane ticket. (Coming by air? Now, that's a real fan.)

Good on you, Jonathan, for diving in. Look forward to seeing the show, and thanks for dropping by!

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This bird is SOO happy to have JMW post! Come visit our group, Jonathan :) We all wish you the very best tomorrow night when you open! Break a leg :)
Can't go, though I would like to. Break a leg, Wallet.

We have officially opened this odd little play to warm and generous houses! Response is good and engaging. This is a genuinely quirky little piece and I am falling in love with it and am inviting anyone who can make it to Providence to come!

In addition, I have arranged with the box office to offer a discount for fans that will be arranged and up and running on Tuesday. Fans will be able to reserve tickets at 12 buck cheap instead of 20. The details I will post as soon as the ticket company puts it together!


This has been my project for the day--I've been trying to take a trip to Providence for a while and this gave me the final little push. It's very difficult to find rooms there right now because, I'm told, "of all the graduations." What the heck school is there besides Brown? How many graduations do they need?

Anyway, I think I'm going to be there next weekend. But I'm not really worried about the price of the tickets, I'm much more interested in good seats! Thanks for the offer though, it's very nice.

(And thank you to the mod who put this link on the front page.)

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Congrats on your warm review in the Providence Journal!

Wish like heck I wasn't stuck here in TeXas, and was able to see the show! Please keep us posted! And fans-- don't forget the Unofficial-But-Wants-Badly-to-Be-Official chat group for Jonathan at

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Hello All!

The play is great. The reviews in the Agenda and the Phoenix in Providence are all aces and I am terribly proud of this little cookie. This little bisque.


If you can come, and I hope you can, when you book your tickets online at you can choose the ticket type - "Woodward Seating" and get $12 seats instead of the standard $20 prices! I am hugely grateful to the theatre for this effort and I would love to see as many of you at the show as can come! There are reviews at the Providence Phoenix and the Agenda if you'd like to investigate further!

See you there!

Marmoset, I don't LJ, and you have anonymous users disabled, so I couldn't post a comment about your wonderful review of your evening watching Cataract. Thank you so much, it made me feel as if I was there sitting next to you. Wish I was.

Everybody - check out her LJ review!
Thanks, wissxwe. It's just a bunch of slapped together thoughts, I haven't had time to make it coherent yet but I'm glad you could make sense of it.

I posted a review from The Providence Phoenix on Whedonesque's main page so that I could link back to this info about the ticket discount.

Are you in the area at all? You should try to go if you can.

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