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"Scully wants me so bad."
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May 02 2005

Anthony Head on snogging David Walliams. He phoned into XFM for an interview as part of the XFM Bounty Hunter promotion to try and win a prize for the Gambia Horse and Trust.

That man has the infectious giggles I have ever heard. I could listen to him all day. Nice Buffy trivia item at the end btw.
I never saw the sketch where he and Walliams get it on. Was it on early during Red Nose Day?
Caroline, the sketch came right at the end of the second series. It was one of the funniest sketches of the whole season, and basically wat happened was in the middle of a party in the PM'S office, David Walliams character leant over and kissed the prime minister. It was truly brilliant!

Also Simon, what was the Buffy trivia item?
Oh My God!

They have an interview with Fred Dineage! My family's claim to fame, is that once my nan saw Fred Dineage in the Southampton cafeteria for Meridian.....and lent him so money! Oh the weeks of fame that we recived

Simon, i actually got off my ass and listened to the radio interview so dont worry bout the trivia bit
Thanks Apocalypse, I'll hunt that episode down then.
Thanks Caroline, I enjoyed listening to him, he sounds so down to earth!
no, tell us all the trivia bit! 'cause i can't listen at work, and that's the only place i have the computer power to actually get the interview (dialup at home, waah!).

please????? :)
He said he gave up smoking half way through Buffy and it was hell.
Tony Head for prime minister, what do u guys think?
I can't get it to play!

(Now who's going to come out and say it works on a Mac...?)
It works on my Mac. And he's hilarious.

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