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May 02 2005

Buffy's James Marsters: Rock Star? James tells TV Guide's Insider about what went wrong with Ghost of the Robot and how it lead to him going solo.

Kinda nice to hear a bit of explanation from him because I know that at the time there were a lot of hurt feelings (amongst band fans). Personally, it sounds like he did the very best thing for all of them even if some weren't happy with HOW it all happened at the time.

Some nice PR for the album too, with a link from TV Guide!
Good publicity for James! I'm one of those who like him better without the band and the explanation is one he's said before at conventions. Seems totally reasonable to me.
One of the great things that I love about James is that he seems so real and down to earth in his interviews. He seems to not be afraid of talking about difficult situations in the business and he doesn't appear to be evasive or give the politically correct answer, while being polite and appreciative. Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, he did the right thing in leaving Ghost of the Robot if he really wasn't feeling comfortable in the band and the direction the music was going in. Rock is not something you should feel you have to compromise in. It should be absolutely right or it's not worth doing it at all.

I don't know how many people here follow rock music quite as closely as i do but if you do then you will no doubt have read countless interviews with artists who left their original bands and who talk about how they regret not going solo or starting a new band sooner than they did. Waiting until you have released a substandard album is far worse than getting out whilst the band is still popular and successful.

I read an inetrview with Chris Cornell just recently where he said very much the same thing about his time with Soundgarden. Whilst he doesn't regret anything that they did as a band he knew that splitting the band when he did was the best thing for all of them. Same currently goes for Blink 182 and their "indefinate hiatus".

It definately seems to me like James is better off following his own musical stylings rather than attempting to make Ghost of the Robot work if the chemistry is gone.

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