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May 02 2005

DarkWorlds Previews Serenity. Amy Berner gives a spoiler-free look at a Serenity test-screening that took place last Thursday.

I was actually at this screening and I wasn't as enthused with it as my companions. As Ms. Berner says, Joss walks a difficult line in trying to please two different groups of viewers. I'm not sure he succeeds as much as he would have liked. Some characters are given short shrift and there are at least two relationships that would be completely confusing without having seen the series.

Adaptation anxiety aside, as a science fiction thrillride, it's pretty awesome and very intelligent to boot.
Thumbs up though, Zeppo? As a Jossfan? As a sci-fi fan? As a Firefly fan? :)
Of course some characters are given the short shrift. There's nine of them. And only two hours to put it all in. Some things you can really work out beforehand and be prepared for them. To me, Mal's the main guy, the plot mainly abut River and Simon being chased and everything else Joss managed to get in there is a plus.

But I will really be able to join these talks come friday, mwah hahaha.
Are the May 5th screenings going to have viewer feedback sessions with Universal?

Hmmm. I wonder what was changed with Inara.
It's a thumbs up, zeitgeist, but I've seen Joss do better.

EdDantes, I don't disagree that having a nine character ensemble makes it difficult as hell to get them all in, but it shouldn't've come off like a glaring flaw in the story structure. That's all I'll say, though, as I have no desire to spoil.
Maybe we can discuss this elsewhere in more detail after the 5th :)
Ugh. I've got to wait until the end of September and this person has already seen it twice. Double ugh.
phlebotinin, I have friends who know people who work in the AMC Van Ness theater in San Francisco, one of the theaters showing the special screenings, and apparently there will be some sort of Q&A afterwards. I don't know what precisely the nature of it will be, as everyone there will be hardcore fans, but we'll see.
Some scenes were cut - mainly having to do with Inara...


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