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May 02 2005

James Master Q & A session at Milton Keynes' Collectormania. Over at Yahoo's SupportSpike message board some dedicated fan has typed up James Masters Q & A session form Collectermania. I find it interesting that, at this time James and Joss had spoken about a possible Spike movie only two weeks ago. (Link changed from Yahoo group to the whedonverse forums.)

I think it's posted on some Spike-related message boards - I didn't think we linked to yahoo groups. Here's a link to it if you want to read it.

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I thought it was OK to link to message matter who the host is. Did I missunderstand something??
A yahoo group isn't a message board its a subcription based mailing list.
"Q. When did you lose your virginity?
Audience howls
JM. At 13, with a lesbian couple."

Is it wrong to giggle at this? Is he pulling our collective leg? He certainly seems to be a lively interviewee. Good on him.
I always try and register for marsters mobsters, but admin isn't letting any new people register.
Nice to here that Joss has contacted him about a Spike movie, it is starting to sound like it might actually happen at some point.

I'm just annoyed this wasn't next weekend I'm at home then, and its only a short drive to the Milton Keynes center.
Killinj, that link is asking for a log on as well. Anyone know where this can be read without having to sign on to anything? Or better yet, would somebody be able to post at least the Spike related comments here?
Sorry, I was trying to link to a public forum and didn't realize you couldn't read Marsters Mobsters without being registered, so I'll change it back to my forum.
Cheers, Killinj! :)
"Q. What is your favourite part of a woman?
JM (with no hesitation) The woman."

Excellent answer, honeybunch!
How weird. I'm not registered at Marsters Mobsters (never heard of it), yet I was able to follow the link without problem.

"Exellent answer, honeybunch!" I agree, bloodflowers.
phlebotinin - are you sure you weren't looking at the Whedonverse site instead?
Can't read it either, but it is interesting that James and Joss talked about a Spike movie at all. Because I thought Joss was running around like a mad man looking for the next wonder woman. It's not that I don't believe James, it's just that he is known to "stretch" the truth sometimes.
I've changed the main link to the one killinj provided.
Well, Joss isn't running around like a mad man looking for the next Wonder Woman until after he's written the script. Plus, he's recently said that he's interested in doing a Spike telemovie, so I think its reasonable for him to make some phonecalls to James and perhaps to some ME writers to see if he can get all the players together on a project.
Why were they laughing about Toronto?
Why were they laughing about Toronto?

Because James forgot that he was going to be there this August.
It was a cracking Q&A - James as charismatic and energetic as usual. I was as little surprised when he said Joss had called him, but then again who knows?? And considering he was just at the end of the tour, it was amazing he knew where he was let alone where he was going to be later this year :)

Also not wrong to giggle at the 'virginity' question. We were in the front row and my husband collapsed into hysterics at this and James laughed and pointed at him, enjoying the reaction. What did we expect him to say, the truth? That response was far funnier;)

This Q&A followed the wonderful double act of ASH & AD who were constantly collapsing in fits of giggles. I have some good pics that I will put up on my site when I can get through them all.

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He's given that same answer to the 'virginity' question before ... in a print interview if my memory is correct ... something about that at his young age and inexperience he wasn't able to impress the two gals with his, erm, performance. Awww! LOL!
This thing about Joss calling James doesn't surprise me at all and i certainly don't think that James was stretching the truth in any way.

We are all assuming that Joss is going to be too busy to get this Spike telemovie happening but has he actually said that? Anywhere? I don't think he has. Sure, things are maybe going to be getting busier for him than they currently are but who is to say what he considers to be too much?

Ultimately i get the feeling that he wouldn't have even mentioned the chance of going ahead with this Spike deal if he wasn't 99% certain it could be done relatively soon.
I just want to note that at Vulkon in Houston James said it had been awhile since he talked to Joss. He seemed uncertain, but hopeful that Spike telemovie would happen. Whereas, here he specifically states that he talked to Joss two weeks ago and was asked if he was still up for it. Two weeks ago would be after Vulkon. So, this is new information from James.

It doesn't mean that a Spike movie could be done relatively soon. After all, James said at Moonlight Rising 2004 that he knew Spike survived "Not Fade Away" because Joss talked to him about a Spike movie. He seemed really confident back then that it would happen. That was a year ago. The good news is that its still being talked about at all.
This is the most positive news I've heard yet on the Spike telemovie front. We knew both Joss and James were for it separately, but to know they're actually speaking to each other about it...things are looking up!

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Hope something comes of it.
Killinj, i don't know if you misread the last paragraph of my previous post (it actually wasn't that clear who i meant having read it back) but i was actually meaning that Joss wouldn't have started talking about this Spike telemovie if he didn't think it could be done fairly soon, rather than what James has been saying.

I've always felt that Joss tends not to make promises, or even hints, that he can't keep, at least not intentionally. He knows how quickly statements spread on the net once they are published and i would imagine he is well aware how much many of us are anticipating and wishing for more from the slayerverse. With that in mind i really don't think he would suddenly start mentioning this possibility if it was merely a longterm "let's see what happens in the next couple of years" kinda situation and risk letting us all down if nothing came of it.

Don't get me wrong, i don't neccessarily imagine that anything will be finished and ready for broadcast within the next twelve to eighteen months but i'm very hopeful that some firm plans will be established well before then.
Joss mentioned the telemovies, including a Spike one, a year ago. Until recently, there was no talk of telemovies from Joss. Other than Spike, I haven't heard of him talking about any of the other characters. So, the same applies to Joss, just because he's talking about doesn't mean it will happen relatively soon. Also, I don't think he's promised or hinted at anything, so the risk of being let down is only in our reading more into whats been said than is really there.
Perhaps, but to me it comes down to a vibe, i guess. The talk about telemovies a year ago (i'm assuming you meant the idea of doing four individual telemovies focused on different characters) never seemed any more than exactly that, talk. Joss was speculating on something he would like to do rather than something he planned to do, and that is how it came over to me. It was interesting to hear but it didn't particularly make me think it was in any way a certainty.

This seems a little different however. Maybe it's the timing or maybe it's that so much has been seen in the media concerning Spike and the possibility of these movies. Maybe it's simply the regularity of mentions the project is getting and discussion going on between those who might actually make a difference.

Truthfully i'm not exactly sure why this feels so positive to me but for whatever reason i do think that something will come of all this and that it will happen, or begin to happen, sooner rather than later.
If this does happen Joss has to be very careful how he writes how Spike lived. I mean he can't make Spike live and Angel die cause thousands of fans will be upset. Does he say where Ilyara is? Did Gunn die? Or does he do what i would do and focus on a Spike telemovie and have Spike make a quick reference in passing like "We just made it, well most of us" and let the audience try and figure it out who did. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how he handles it.
Certainly, I believe Joss sincerely wants to do something more proactive about a Spike telemovie given the mentions lately. I just know that him wanting it may not be enough to make it so. When a network starts saying they want a Spike movie, then I'll let myself get excited. Until then, I'll quietly hope.

Gunn, given that the Angel comics take place after "Not Fade Away" and Joss gave them approval - I have no doubt that he intends for Angel to have survived. I have a hunch Illyria lived as well.
Gunn 2 N's, I remember reading somewhere that Joss stated that Gunn definitely didn't survive the final fight, but no other mentions of Illyria, Spike, or Angel.

With the comic that's being released which is supposed to be post-NFA, I think it's safe to say that Angel, too, survived. Unless ofcourse Joss actually has NOTHING to do with that and it's completely fan-based, but I don't think that's the case because I think Joss had to approve of certain parts of the comic.

I'm only speculating here, so I could be way off.
The reason I have the vibe that this is different is because Joss recently made it a point to say that this was something he wanted to do and JM indicated that Joss had called him about it recently. This is very different from what Joss has said in the last year about having thoughts on various interesting slayerverse projects but not having time to pursue them yet. He seems to have narrowed down what he is interested in doing and has started looking into doing it. So I have hopes for the first time.

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If there is no movement on this by years end, it will never happen. I think the door is rapidly closing on any of the old characters showing up in any form of TV or Movie.

It is looking more and more likely that the next incarnation of the Buffy/Angelverse will be something completely new and something down the road.

Having said all that I hope JW is looking to do something. He has already stated he is willing to let one of the others (old writers/producers) run with a TV movie. So hopefully that pans out.

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killinj stated "I just want to note that at Vulkon in Houston James said it had been awhile since he talked to Joss."

Hmmm, he said a lot more than that...which is why I have an issue with the recent Joss/James/Spike movie talk. I’ve watched the complete video of the Houston Q&A. I felt James made some very unkind and unprofessional remarks about Joss. It came at the end of Angel – Spike relationship question. To be honest, I expected better of James.

“…. All joking aside, when I read that, I wanted to go find him (Joss) and show him what kind of ingénue I was. But I got over it and I realized that’s the down side of working with Joss. And, uh, there are a lot of up sides, but that one is the frustration he ... he does like to humiliate people”.

Well bite me, James! What Joss does with his characters has no reflection on you personally unless you decide to take it that way!

I felt that James was going behind Joss’ back. It you have an issue with someone discuss it with them personally, but don’t use a cons as a platform for you views where the person cannot defend themselves

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I'm sure Vulkon would be interested to know how you got a tape since no video tapping was allowed.

Anyway, I was there, no more than a few feet away from James where he was recounting a gut reaction to seeing Joss call Spike the perfect ingénue for Angel in US Magazine. It wasn't an attack and he wasn't using a con as a platform for his views - he was giving an honest answer to a question.

I don't have an exact quote, but a fan transcript reported the following:

"How did you feel about the script when it mentioned Spike and that one time with Angel?
A) The same as I felt about the hand holding scene with Angel. I was not going to let Joss get to me. I was just reading a Joss comment where he said Spike was probably the best ingénue Angel ever had. The downside of working with Joss is that he sometimes likes to humiliate people and tear things down that he’s built up. He’ll do it with a story and it breaks barriers and makes things happen that you wouldn’t expect. But it can still be hard on you."

When you take what he said in context, I don't think he's being unkind or unprofessional, just honest.
Thanks for that, Killinj. I was just about to post something along the lines of wanting to see the quote in some sort of context before i formed any kind of opinion on what James was saying. You just saved me the effort of a overly long post. ;)
Oh ye of little faith.

All the major characters survived the last episode of Angel. Maybe Wesley died, because his death was pretty well done and you wouldn't want to cheapen it, but there's a number of ways they could bring even him back.

I've been working on a fanfic called "Better To Burn" which shows one of many ways the writers could have gotten out of "Not Fade Away." My way is probably not the way they would have taken, but it's been a helluva lotta fun writing it.
Thank you too Killinj...I was just going to post that I don't think I have ever seen ,heard or read any comments that James has made about Joss that have been in poor taste. I think James sincerely loves working with Joss, but would joke about the way Joss would tease the cast members, and that he ran a tight ship. But I have never run across anything that would indicate he was being unprofessional. James can be very blunt and extremely honest when he talks about maybe his words just got taken out of context....but I doubt James would ever have anything less than praise for Mr. Whedon.
Killinj, it's not important where I got my copy as things are passed around on the web. My issue is with fans transcripts post that don't give the complete quote, but paraphrase, or leave things out. The fan transcript that you posted had a lot of paraphrase! And James NEVER even said ‘I was just reading a Joss comment where he said’, He implied that, but never said it. Since you were there, this should refresh your memory.

From the actual video:
How did you feel about the script when it mentioned Spike and that one time with Angel?

Much head shaking before he said, “What I thought was the same thing as when he had us hold hands. Ahhh, Joss, hmm uh…” After more head shaking, he continued “Basically I was not going to let him get to me. Basically, I was not going to go screaming and say how dare you do… grrr raaa, you know?, . but, .. but uh, yeah, Joss has a problem with anybody…with people thinking anyone is really cool. When he perceives anyone is getting a lot of attention and all of that, his big instinct is to rip that down. And so it’s really good for scripts because he goes after a lot of sacred cows and rips them down, but when he rips me down, it’s like Ahhh "

Then he continued, “He called me an ingénue, the other day -- A squeekly (sp). Spike was the best ingénue that Angel ever had. In 15% of the bars that will get you killed. I’ve seen what happens when you call a man a pretty little girl. All joking aside, when I read that I wanted to go find him and show him what kind of ingénue I was. But I got over it and I realized that’s the down side of working with Joss. And, uh, there are a lot of up sides, but that one is the frustration he…he does like to humiliate people”.

Sorry, I just happen to like accuracy.
Well, transcripts by fans aren't going to be 100% accurate as they are writing while at the convention - so they have to go by memory and whatever scribble they got down at the time. They do it tirelessly as a favor to the fans who could not attend the event. They don't violate the rules by making illegal tapes. Yes, things are passed around on the web all the time. I was just commenting that Vulkon would find it interesting that there's a copy floating around.

I'm glad you like accuracy because the way you depicted James comment in your original post took it out of context. Joss does have a tendency to poke fun of his characters or put them in unflattering positions at times - it's part of his creative style. I've often thought that must be difficult for the actors, so James statement comes as no suprise to me.

I stand by my previous assessment of his statement. He was expressing his gut reaction to something at the time - he's over it - he doesn't have an "issue" with Joss. I don't think its disrespectful at all.

My memory is of a light-hearted Q&A. There was a positive vibe in the room through-out his talk. Did your tape capture that? Because I don't know how anyone could be there and think that James had any real problem with Joss. He loves Joss. He's compared Joss to Shakespeare. He loves Spike. He wants to play the character again one day.

Please don't take something small and use it as a wedge.
Patpaws, even within the context you have presented there i'm finding it hard to have any problem with what James has said. Quite honestly i don't think he is being offensive towards Joss in the slightest, merely pointing out what he considers to be a flaw in Joss' nature, and a minor one at that. As a friend and colleague of Joss, James is entitled to have an opinion on the type of person he is.

I've said far worse things than that about my own friends and colleagues various personality flaws. It's not that you are trying to be offensive. It's that you have gotten to know somebody well enough that you feel comfortable discussing the things you don't particularly like about them.

James wasn't going behind Joss' back and speaking out of turn. He was talking to a crowd of people in a public place and knowing full well that every word he said would most likely end up on the internet where anyone and everyone could read it, Joss included. Given the fact he is hoping to work with him again soon, and considers him a friend, i seriously doubt he would have said any of that if he thought for a second Joss would mind.

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