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May 03 2005

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku and Seth Green are welcome to join the cast of That 70's Show. From an interview with Dean Batali in TV Guide's Ask Ausiello. Spoilers for other shows.

Notice that there's always a Spike movie question? And some crazy "when does a new season of Buffy hit the air"-type questions. I love that its still mentioned so often and humorously. Go Buffyverse!

Eh Ausiello always comes off as such a jerk to me. But at least the Buffyverse and two of it's great actors were mentioned. Goes to show the power that is the Buffyverse.
But Eliza won't be available, because she will be doing the Faith spinoff!

Hey, a man can hope, right?

Anyway, I would love to see more of her on That 70s show. It's really interesting to see her in more of a comedic role. Although one does have to wonder whether they can keep the show from going downhill after it's two most significant stars leave...
Well, the Faith spin-off won't be happening this coming season, so it's good that she already has some guest spots lined up. Although, I had hoped for something better for her. I wasn't fond of the ditsy character they had her play on that show.
I predict this show will tank in the next season, without its two main leads. And if it does, I hope they don't use 'our' actors as a desperate attempt for ratings. *coughthemountaincough*
I've never understood the need to keep a show going longer that the central characters are around. With a strong ensemble cast and diverse storylines it can work but when a show is very much centred on one or two main people and they decide to leave then it's time to end the show gracefully. You would think that there would have been lessons learned from the final two practically Mulderless years of the X Files.

Guess not!
Yeah, X-Files without Mulder (and less and less Scully) was really kind of pointless. To me a story means following the main character(s) and when they are gone, that story is gone too.

I don't know much of that 70's show, but I do feel both Seth and Eliza are better than being replacements for the leads in a sitcom that's most likely just went over the hill. (Two leads leaving is usually a sign of that) Of course that's easy to say for me, and I know it's slim pickings out there for actors, but still. I'd like to think that's not where they're at in their careers.
Seth? Eliza? Run away! Dean Batali may have been a good pal back on the BUFFY set, but T70S is a walking corpse that needs slaying now. You have much better things to do with your time.
Acting seems to have slim-pickin' opportunities these days, no? Thanks, crap reality shows! Last night I was saddened when I saw Jamie Gertz of The Lost Boys on her CBS sitcom, and I just couldn't sit through it.
I'll watch Seth and Eliza on about anything right now.
And I did tune in to a single ep of The Mountain for JM. Eww. While I totally enjoyed him and his character, the rest left me with that, Yup-they're-desperate feeling.
I can't see why either of them would be interested in trying to replace Ashton and Topher.

And why would Eliza be interested in continuing to play a bimbo? Talk about typecasting! You've got to think she has better offers than that, and if she hasn't, then she better call up Joss ASAP about the Faith spinoff.

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