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January 12 2003

(SPOILER) Another music star to guest in Buffy. First the Breeders, then Aimee Mann and now this.

David Bowie would be my ideal music guest star on the show.

Groan. I hope Ashanti's a better actress than she is a singer.
I've never heard of her.
Ooh, yes please, Simon! Can we have him do "Deranged" from the Lost Highway soundtrack?

Could have been great for some Spike action!
You can also read about her here.
Count your blessings. At least she's not Brittney Spears.
Put me in the 'Would've liked Britney better' camp. But I guess just because she can't sing doesn't mean she can't act.
Dude, did you watch 'Crossroads?' Horrible!!
I don't know, it might've been cool to see Britney Spears turn to dust. But then, we might not need ME's specials effects for that to happen...
I think that Sarah McLauchlan would be the best choice. I mean, it is her music that is featured in some of the most memorable Buffy scenes ever.
or Loreena McKennitt, if you could drag her out of her reclusiveness---gorgeous, haunting celtic music.
My husband would definately have to second that motion. He adores Loreena. Mind you, it is hard to blame her for her self imposed exile. Life can sometimes knock the wind out of you.
I'd like to mention here that the L.A. based pop band Aberdeen ( ) will be playing the Bronze on the Feb. 4th episode. They're pals of mine, and quite good, so keep an eye out. You can read all about their day of filming at (sorry for the self link, but it's a good story).

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